A once scarred stationmaster warned make sure you love Shanghai hat removed

I have nothing but is in when I graduated and an old webmaster contact for three or four months, then from the point he learned Shanghai Longfeng knowledge. Then I would have been quietly to send articles, send the chain, I will use these two methods, what other methods I will not, after a month. When I always open every morning love Shanghai rankings when suddenly found already is the first. When the excited don’t mention it, but another regret is that the customers do not know how they run, then I didn’t get a penny. This site’s ranking has been lit, because the site above contact I changed my. Until one day, a man call me, the man said he wanted to buy the site. Ask me to sell the results, after a double talk, I sold him 2000 dollars. Then I felt a great sense of achievement, show in some forum above, remember at that time was on A5, but also a person with QQ I think I do master.

but when come one of the problems I found, in fact I’m a dish, I almost never what, suddenly, he woke up and found myself really make themselves ridiculous. I don’t know which celebrity said this sentence: when men laugh at my memories that he now has grown a lot. Yes, I laugh myself before, now I’m arrogant, impetuous I have no direction, only the pursuit of illusory ideals, then the results I believe most people can guess, I am looking for business cooperation, the results being blocked.


we have been doing Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, often send articles from dawn to dusk, the hair of the chain, watching the news, reviews, and comments and advertisement are deleted, and follow the pace of learning to master. In short if the hanging wire on the Internet can describe a person’s failure, then I think the webmaster is the best choice. Because take me along the way. There are a lot of bitterness and tears. Remember that it is the first list I received, go after optimization can get 2500 dollars, plus 1500 of the wages, indeed, the heart is beautiful, but I’m not technique.

later, I feel great, can do the ranking, and later took up several optimization list. The heart that you don’t mention it, very beautiful, although tired, but feel it is to rely on my own efforts have, I cherish the people I know are slowly some senior people, I learned from them on things, of course I can see my body’s shortcomings, because I always young and fit, I always feel great.

I’m afraid I really is not very weak, I am afraid the future will accomplish nothing one day, I put this fear deeply buried in the depths of my heart, I slowly began to stop showing noisy talk, reduce the number of.

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