360 search the browser can continue to open

browser is the biggest Internet traffic entrance, by the browser for flow is very stable, so after the 360 rely on browser seize the love Shanghai flow, love Shanghai how to counter is not much loose.

360 can in such a short time to take the search flow is so large, became the second search field, the user must be due to the solid foundation. In the end of 360 PC, the largest audience product is 360 browser. In China, 360 of the browser has more than 300 million users, the use rate after IE, as shown below:



in August this year launched 360 search, the original search market sparked a pool of stagnant water bursts of spray. Grab 360 search and search for many years actually openly started the "3B war", this kind of thing only Zhou Hongyi can do this subversion. Unlike previous Sogou, soso, 360 search launched it overbearing, and in a week’s time, will take more than 10% of the share of traffic, as shown in figure

In fact,


to search in the next year

so, 360 think is very demanding in business model subversion. More importantly, want to fall in love with the sea fight 360 search search quality is egg stone. Love Shanghai as the world’s largest Chinese of search engine, and even in the whole world is to master the core technology of several search engines in the field is Chinese other world-class search engines can not match. >

search successfully become the second, Zhou Hongyi more determined to enter the search resolution, even some with entrepreneurs to speak at this annual meeting, it is justifiably threatened to subvert the search market now. He felt that the biggest opportunity is today’s search leader user experience to do well, business is too strong, there are opportunities to subvert, and intend to market, as shown in figure 30%:

, from an observer’s perspective, the 360 seem to have a blind confidence. Love Shanghai although a lot of advertising, but most advertising is reasonable, that is to separate the advertisement with the natural result area. Although the left sometimes placed ads, but as long as the back adjusted with different color separate, or white, that didn’t like Zhou Hongyi said that "the opportunity". In the business model, Zhou Hongyi also ironic love Shanghai PPC, but even 360 notorious repute "search PPC to bypass this pattern, in some hot words on the same number of enterprises need to face competition, when more enterprise products are user needs, how to choose these 360 enterprises to cooperate.? if not through bidding, that is not to let the market more opaque



After 360


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