Shanghai launched the love map containing the search results display graphic signs

is more than four basic views of the author, and certainly have more influence factors marked or not, but anyway, these facts are in the description of love in Shanghai to optimize their search to improve the user experience. But the vast majority of people with the same hope love like Shanghai should put innovation results made precise, when the other is self defeating. If this is accurate enough to do marked results, so for users is a good news, because the user in the search results can get more of their upcoming visit page information, let us look forward to


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it is not that all have pictures and text will appear the sign in Shanghai love in search results? No! I think maybe this feature is still in the testing phase of love Shanghai, there may be a love of Shanghai will be like ICO icon on the assessment of the same article quality, or this page is based on what type of website. Of course, there may be more reasons, but I came to some factors which affect the display and not what I think.

fourth, I want to refute some users love Shanghai this sign will give Shanghai love their own page, but such is not the fact. Like love the experience of Shanghai, Shanghai general love experience is illustrated, and a few love experience in Shanghai have page has still not been marked.

third, the probability of blog type professional web site displayed more, as shown in the Sina blog, and Discuz is also a large site is relatively less.

first, the author thinks that the blog website than other websites (such as forum) page search results show that the probability of the more graphic mark. As shown below, the following three results are graphic pages, but also is built on wordpress blog above than the establishment of probability in the Discuz program is shown above the larger forum.

second, it’s not like I have seen some of my friends said that the forum page will not be so marked, and I also think that love Shanghai this sign on page may also have quality assessment. As shown below, the forum page still marked.

two days before the accident with site advanced search instructions to search their own website, found that some search results in the front of a blue graphic mark, as a strong insight, this is certainly not to be missed. So the thought is not love Shanghai has launched a new product or to search for help to optimize the user experience. The query part of the Internet site, the conclusion is: love the sea is indeed the search results were optimized, and the recent obvious is to add the text label and the length of the video. Today I would like to share my understanding of the text label.

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