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and other types of sites, medical institutions, network marketing is only one purpose, that is ultimately from the website or other network channels to the number of patients to the clinic. Therefore, the goals and direction of our Shanghai dragon, also is certainly out of the ordinary.


> > [conversion; ranking; visits]


in the "medical network promotion SEM hand" has been mentioned in a sentence, "let the right user know your website". This sentence for medical site is more appropriate. One day IP million visits, but there is a potential demand of users, this is a goal of all It doesn’t help the situation.; keywords can attract users to click on the site, in no can trigger factor demand transformation, that is Bo Tim Tin Mat. Similarly, in turn to say this sentence, also set up. A user can trigger the transformation of demand website, all target keywords is behoove can attract users, so that one can realize the transformation, but also through the target keywords to attract users to enter the site, IP, why not to millions? The value paradox isn’t this

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website article content in "medical network SEM editor" in hand, one of the many theoretical origin can be said to have been in the pursuit of the user experience is improved. In "another way to select special industry SEM micro-blog medical marketing" also said that even micro-blog is marketing, and even can be said to be completely rely on the attention of the user experience. Why does the writer want to repeatedly emphasize the user experience is important, because in my opinion, no matter what the network marketing industry, only two steps, one is to attract users, the two is to keep the user. The current trends in the industry, how to attract users is no longer a problem, whether it is Shanghai dragon, pay for (PPC), network promotion and so on, can be very easy to attract users to the site. So how to retain customers to achieve their goals, it has received more and more attention and attention, the author believes that with the overall Internet marketing system and more perfect, the future subject of network marketing will be increasingly focused on how to keep the direction of the user, the user experience is.

The effects of

first statement, "the transformation of > ranking > access" the meaning is not to say that can put the rankings and visits to the secondary work, on the contrary, it is in the basis of keywords and visits to ensure orderly above can "

Shanghai dragon has been a great topic. No matter what type of website, as long as in the search engine, will be more or less with the factors of Shanghai dragon. But he lives, medical network marketing because of its special nature, and the medical industry of Shanghai Longfeng, also have a certain difference.

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