Poker game updates to the original content website enlightenment

we give one of the most popular.

poker game!

is the most common poker game of life, since the network in the future, love friends can play poker on the Internet and strangers fight. A poker, but 54 cards, but will play a game of poker and inexhaustible, the original site together, from watching a TV program, this program is not devoted to play poker, but a children’s program, an education expert on child education, which said the children must learn to five a toy, the first four all guessed, and the last one, a lot of people say the answer, experts say the last head, fifth answers:

website is an important link in the Shanghai dragon website optimization process, in a sense, the quality of website content on behalf of the site itself value, more is to provide high quality content to the user, the more able to bind the user, in order to achieve stable traffic. The content of the website is not a simple copy and copy, if so, will cause the search engine "objectionable", as one of the most important external link site traffic, search engine promotion, is not easily offended! So, a large number of original articles in general is necessary, a people are based on a theme and the product as the core keywords, because of limited time and energy, do as the portal that the scale is a very difficult thing, and the product or a single theme, derived keywords limited in content updates, it is not difficult. So, using some divergent thinking, the effect will be better, how to tap their divergent thinking, think of a poker game suddenly, because 54 cards simple, there are a variety of ways.

The contents of the original

this is really a bit contrary to expectation! Now come to think of it, experts say is not without reason, 54 cards a variety of play is one of the effective ways to inspire children’s intelligence. By analogy, we in the web site update, for example, is to do a product, according to the key words to write original, soon exhausted! How to explore new themes, which makes in the original article update webmaster special headache, if we learn if combination, combination between key words, never described the products from different angles side, original theme is not inexhaustible, but will also emerge in an endless stream, article having substance in speech.

poker game in addition to the combination between the numbers, want to play good, also need to comply with some rules and skills. "No rules no Cheng Fangyuan", do not follow the rules, loose combination, will lose the joy of the game, master some skills, even if the poor hand can also play super limit. So, when we take on the original website, note the keywords and keyword stack, but this is not a random superposition, to meet certain logical thinking habits, but also to comply with the law of development of things, must not blindly free to play, if users see are some false information, will soon be lost! Website content updates will be meaningless.

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