Shanghai dragon needs not only the execution also needs a clear strategy

title: biscuit packaging machine | bread packaging machine | moon cake packaging machine | mung bean cake pie packaging machine – packaging machinery factory Foshan Zhongchuan

Shanghai dragon knows that execution is very important for the site’s ranking, execution is the work efficiency, is to make some work in a certain period of time. However, many novice Shanghai dragon on the execution there are many misunderstandings, think Shanghai Longfeng work done more, ranking on the faster. In fact, this idea is wrong, no matter what things are good, although you have very hard, but if you do not pay attention to methods and techniques, it is a waste of energy in vain. I have a colleague, as a girl can do so due diligence of a Shanghai Longfeng technician is not really easy, is not to be questioned about her work attitude and diligence. But she worked too blind, completely methodical skills. A few tips should pay attention to the following I took my colleagues which optimized bad sites to talk about the actual process of Shanghai dragon.

she optimization of those web sites common phenomenon is: the title describes a huge pile of keywords, regardless of site is not to do those keywords, as long as the relevant and targeted keywords in the title word heap inside, without considering the title weight placed too much will distract the main keyword keyword. The internal site optimization means is too obvious, high frequency words, many of the site’s keyword density are out of more than 8%.

every day she take for this station is: add news, take the resources do single stand. The news she is like Canada, a month can add two to three times each, plus ten eight. The enterprise station do not update the site content is not important, the important thing is that once you have the option to update a good grasp.

As for the optimization of

Description:www.****贵族宝贝 Foshan Zhongchuan machinery packaging machinery factory is specialized in biscuit packaging machine, bread packaging machine, packaging machine, pie moon cake packaging machine, packaging machine, mung bean cake, is the earliest packaging machine manufacturers.

is a title and description of the management station of my colleagues, the keyword is bread packaging machine, biscuit packaging machine. Don’t know if you saw what the idea, I personally think this batch method is not reasonable. We should do is to grab the Shanghai dragon indirect love Shanghai jobs, if you like the above got so many words, that is too rampant. Originally the word bread packaging machine is not very difficult, keyword density is not too high, and this station is just included near the new station, almost no weight at all what. In fact, the appropriate heap to keywords ranking will have some help, but must have the skill, title and description should be naturally out of key words. I believe a mid May love Shanghai big update as we all know, the love of Shanghai update ranking site many keyword density are partial like low density. Therefore I propose to change the title of this station: Biscuit bread packaging machine – Foshan Zhongchuan packing machinery factory.

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