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* angularJS this case with a great reputation framework

what we call "single page application" Single Page Application "on the market basic translation, single page application", "One Page Application", "SPA" and some context "webapp" is refers to this kind of mobile station.

single page application is not a new invention of technology, but with the development of the Internet, more and more web developers are welcome, single page application can simulate the experience of native applications, the development of a multi compatibility, the effect of cool, cost savings. However, due to the single page application all the basic use of JS, subject to the Shanghai dragon effect, at present the use of a single page website should pages or less and less. The use of a single page application in known sites, Ctrip Shanghai Longfeng effect has been good, so today, we invited Ctrip Shanghai Longfeng technical director Qi teacher for us to share a single page application of Shanghai dragon to solve four schemes, of which fourth are technical solutions currently carrying Cheng travel by the monitoring data show that the effect of expected:

has the effect of cool, I cannot refute in the vision and the face of the product; performance of high speed, JS. Of course, I am speechless in operation and product operation before; decentralized, asynchronous loading, and the hardware and the flow, I surrender in front of development and product; JS before and after the end. A person doing a work station – on this point, in my boss, HR and products before crying like a child. In short, in the Macedonian a RCC, my website, a SPA was born.

why write this, because SPA a great damage to the Shanghai dragon, very large.

on the HTML5 and single page application situation, recommend the following two articles, second articles are actually love Shanghai UMX, but now the original can be deleted, on their mobile site has a choice and processing on the technical architecture:


design differences

so typical SPA is what? We use mobile phone to take a look at this URL, 贵族宝贝, can imagine multiplied by N times: switch the page without loading effect, HTML and JS can not match the animation, and the pursuit of native APP……

environment HTML5 mobile application development


two, the high-tech always hurt us dry toil

Of course, there is no doubt that

on Web App, Hybrid App and Native App

, a single page application? This is not SPA SPA…

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