On site second days of love was awarded second place in Shanghai

as a development of several websites webmaster or website localization and distinguish the target is cooked to clever things, unlike most of the webmaster, before I buy a domain name on the site has a good selection of site and space program, to be the site of domain name registration after the success of the domain name system to timely the site of the space, make the site for the first time to accept the search engine test, I think many owners believe that as long as I don’t love Shanghai love Shanghai submitted not included on my website, but it’s not, I also did not submit the site included, but fell in love with the sea is the first time included. And, to give a lot of rankings, this is the evidence.

fourth. The site is included after the original update

yesterday is March 19th, this website was launched in March 17th, the line on the website for second days was awarded the Shanghai love keyword second, I believe that many owners remain perplexed despite much thought, many sites will be in a week or longer wait included in domain name registration after all, why this site can in a short period of time climb Shanghai love home

website article update wait for search engines

and most of the owners are not the same, I never submit website search engines, but let the search engine to my site included, the benefits of doing so there are a few points, the 1 is to improve the status of the website in the search engine, the 2 can use the search engine spider behavior website to enhance the effective impression. 3 is the time when you can take the initiative included in the search engine also included your web pages. Although it is a small thing, but take the initiative to submit and be included in the collection gap is so big, but here the requirements of site quality must be very high, otherwise the search engine will not actively crawling your site.

second. After the website program to upload a large number of update

to upload website program after the first thing is not to clear the program inside the advertising, but a lot of article writing, driven by the search engine spiders crawling through the writing of the article, after the update of the program to remove several advertising links, keywords and description and program settings of the site, it should be noted here the title must be released in the update before Oh, otherwise you will cause the website to affect the pace of development of the site.

site is included in a good start only on behalf of the website, more to the webmaster for subsequent work, day in the website must update the original article active about 5 articles, words should be at least 800 words, the purpose of doing so is to let the search engines do you see Wang Zhidong when the determination and perseverance. When the search engine to crawl your site again will let you get the website NOUN improved rapidly, my website is so, the first day included.

. The first webmaster for website made full preparation for the

The Third.


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