Ouyang how to rationally increase the site’s Links

5, the other website links the number of not more than 50.

again, how to do friendship link? What is the Links standard and precautions? What way to exchange to good Links? This is all a note issue.

2 PR, the higher the better of course exclude Pr hijacking.

specific operations: I add your own blog on the observation room key link in the 51 military, put UFO in his blog to explore the network keyword links, rather than directly to the key link with the observation room in 51 military! (just like you do the groom, love Shanghai


here, I share with you, I usually do not the best, only with >

first, we take a look at what is connected. The reverse link also known even within the chain; this can be understood as the other page links each page with a website, which is within the chain; error link, generally refers to the URL error, or not open "and so on is the wrong link; cross link: This is for example three website. Ouyang: a warm home, two: UFO network, three: 51 military observation room. First I want to promote this site "UFO exploration network", so of course I want to use the "51 military Observation Room blog resources to promote the UFO exploration, this ranking or weighting up the effect will be better. By the third is put resources to promote your site, this is the cross link.

1, love Shanghai Google included direct sie:url we all know this.

as for how many suitable in the chain is not unique, according to your website and keywords depending on the needs of. But large websites such as chain position such hundreds of 58 of the city market is certainly not a day after this is not very good, you can add 10 a day or so, according to the keyword index to determine the number of good.

Ouyang believes that the site within the chain: for small sites, such as personal blog, can be at the bottom of each page with links to web page. If is a large site, can be considered in different channel list page, it can be put on the site position on the link, all belong to the inner chain.

4, and you stand related content.

, I believe many of my friends have done Links, whether it is formal site links, or they want to open a blog to find somebody to do link, it is nothing more than that Links! Of course, chain link and link station sub station.

if the above 5 is mastered, it can do friendship link.

fourth, through what kind of way for Links, can exchange links to good

? blog)

in fact, within the site, whether the anchor chain made of? How much more appropriate

3, website update frequency fast.

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