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believes this is one of the advice that most career plans give IT people. In China, pure technology will soon encounter the ceiling, career stagnation. Therefore, we put forward advice: whether to do or to participate in project management, market management, technical engineers, IT programmers at this time must be hard to deal with people skills, coordination, communication and all things to all men. The reason for this advice is that software engineering is not something that one or two people can do. A large software system will inevitably involve dozens of people, hundreds of people, or even thousands of people. How then can a programmer’s worth be compared to the value of a manager?

killed three people and three months to develop an app for people who work in big countries. They have to have a team of dozens of people, at least half of them

in the eyes of ordinary people, the old man on the morning dance aerobics, evening square dance, and a group of the same old together gossip, buy food to cook, watch TV, so through the day. Do not say that 80 year old, 60 year old people are not likely to think of using a smart phone.

It took me six months to develop this app for

, you probably know that for the last 2 days. Japan, there is a 81 year old grandmother, through six months of development, successfully launched a doll game, App. The old woman’s name is Wakamiya Masako Masako Wakamiya.


I hope to attract older people’s interest in smart phones by developing an interesting app.

but the Internet filled world seems to be abandoning this view. The social network of the most cattle company feisibuke $1 billion acquisition was only more than 500 days of Instagram IT has become the new wealth legend, and this technology to develop the company to share photos of all personnel only 13 people. Two months earlier, because the game "you draw my guess" and the game industry heavyweights zygna2.3 million acquisition of omgpop company, its development team is only a mere 5 people. If you think that any high value software is a team that requires dozens of people and hundreds of people, I will give you a case of my own experience. Recently, I have the honor to participate in the mobile Internet business team party, I found all the Internet, mobile internet project team, they are a project number no more than 5 people, many of them are a team of three people one person, a person to do UI design code, a person to do, and they cycle architecture a software development is generally not more than three months!


Abstract: computers are still a bit strange to Wakamiya Masako. It took her 3 months to get started. But after familiarity, Wakamiya Masako felt into a new world. At the TED conference in Tokyo, Wakamiya Masako, 79, held up his arms and shouted to the audience, "I have wings!"

more than 20 years ago, Wakamiya Masako had just retired from the bank and had been at home to look after his mother. Filial piety, but social time and opportunities greatly reduced. She was annoyed by her lively and talkative nature. Later, she saw a magazine advertisement introducing the computer. She didn’t need to go out or socialize. She bought one right away.

1. technology, to a certain extent, involves management,

frankly, the computer is still a little strange for Wakamiya Masako. It took her 3 months to get started. But as soon as he became familiar, Wakamiya Masako felt himself in a new world. For the past 20 years, she has taught older people how to use the tools of the new age, computers, smartphones.


, who has spent many years in the IT industry as well as a career planner, has given me a whole new look at the professional development of IT people. IT in this rapidly changing industry, the views of its occupation development we yesterday, today again, whether it becomes a pedantic by

someone asked her why she wanted to develop a App, she said, "


I tried to persuade some older people to use a smartphone, and they all laughed and said, "I can’t use such advanced things. The phone book is enough.". "Frankly, if they don’t even use WeChat, then the difficulty curve of persuasion will become very steep.

this is from the real estate industry big brother Ren Zhiqiang, time in March 24th this year’s IT leaders summit. Read the above paragraph, I do not know all the IT code, agriculture, forced IT engineers do what feeling?. They are not "feel negative Enze", or "anger too much to handle"


? ";

IT industry is too easy to make money "," government property IT is not so strict, I wanted to go to the overseas listing, in addition, no two years of market capitalization doubled several times, several times the profit of thousands of times higher than the real estate, we invested 10 dollars to earn 1 dollars, 10 dollars invested in IT industry earn 1000 dollars, can’t use this money too easy way to look at others."

most people died at the age of twenty or thirty, because after this age, they are just the shadow of their own, then the rest of my life is spent in imitation of his day in and day out, more mechanical mincing, more repeat them in the doings of the rest of life, thinking, love and hate. John · – "Christophe

in the twilight of life, still struggling forward, expanding the boundaries of self, this kind of person can not be a teacher of many people?

, she launched a Excel by Art website, so that other older people understand, the original Excel>

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