The status quo is the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng Avenue

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love Shanghai every time update algorithm, we will see the contents of the request. After all, the Internet is changing the information website provides the content, love Shanghai hope to get more high-quality content, and the content of the user, can stabilize its market share. So, Shanghai Dragon Master Jindo recommends that the site must continue to provide quality content, as for how to find quality content is not much to say. Need to be reminded that the quality content is not necessarily the original, exclusive translation of foreign works can also be.

is not difficult to see that the crackdown and love Shanghai foreign chain is big, this also means that the outside effect continues to weaken. But some people mistakenly think that the chain is unable to rank work, began to do the chain optimization. In fact, love Shanghai hitting just outside the chain of low quality, high quality of the chain still has an important influence on the rankings.

(3) unchanged user experience

(2) outside the chain of high quality


all in all, we cannot stop the love of Shanghai to change the algorithm, then we need to be steadfast, seize the same factors to deal with the optimization of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai algorithm.

Internet is one of the fastest growing areas of The new supersedes the old. "look at the search engine algorithm will know. Over the past two years, Shanghai has been tossing love algorithm into this, so many webmaster in Shanghai dragon "suffering". Jindo Shanghai Longfeng optimization master summary point must be to change the status quo, in order to survive the love Shanghai adjustment algorithm.

through the picture arrangement, we can see what the same thing? Specific analysis of Shanghai Shanghai dragon expert:

regardless of quality content or high quality the chain, we can see the ultimate purpose of love Shanghai algorithm is constantly changing, that is to bring a better experience to the user, so as to enhance user stickiness. That is to say, we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in addition to the understanding of the content and the chain of the two optimization key, also need to pay attention to the problem of structure, navigation, speed, layout, label and other details, good service users, get user acceptance and love in Shanghai.

(1) the same quality content

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