Website optimization title not to deal with small problems influence

two, the title is simple and not complicated

four, the title must be with the site name

site title has great content to the search engine, before the network world also said that as long as the site title is determined, once the website is not easily modified. Want to do website optimization, not only home to the title, keyword, column page also to give the corresponding keyword description. Each page can be set independently of keywords, let more keywords in ranking, website to get more traffic. But many webmaster ignored the real needs of the optimization, bring instability to the site, let the website ranking is difficult to reach home, say to do site optimization, do internal optimization, even the title of the website are not written, ranked by how to get? The small world network is simple to explain.

title words should not be too long, about 30 Chinese characters, in the title keywords to be relevant, such as the price of words and words together to load manufacturers, search engines express many content words, let the search engine to guess, this is obviously a bad experience, ranking will be worse, so it must be concise, clearly, let search engine to quickly understand the key information page.

With the The

title, to attract eyeballs in the user first glance, when setting the title, can be a reference, but not with the counterparts to customers stereotyped, it seems the whole search results page content is the same, do not know on this good, also is to click on the good, do not give the user selected >

The unique

?? when writing the title, correlation, attention must be paid to the title and the content of the page are consistent to the search engine to leave a good impression, let the search engines is a can easily estimate the key information of the page, the search engine, the user experience is very friendly, to establish a good interaction with the search engine, can have a chance to get a better ranking.

three, title and page content consistency

Site Title Title Optimization techniques, how to set up

five, keep the title of unique

page title has a very important impact on the optimization of spiders to crawl the page content, to grab the title content, contain the keywords in the title, which is the optimization of keywords ranking a little skill, but also in the ranking algorithm rules, many webmaster in the treatment of this area is very casual, or not to write, write or not key words, the optimization did not attach importance to the title, it will mean the loss of the initiative to seize the ranking.

website brand word in the title, can not only improve the brand word ranking, also in order to promote the enterprise, brand promotion, when users search for long tail keywords, show the content, have the suffix brand word, can give the visual display, publicity, one eye can remember the enterprise information, have a profound impression we can see the love of Shanghai, between the product approach.

, a website title contains keywords

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