Shanghai dragon Er personnel to develop the habit of watching log

2, our space is


which is taking good

3. we can pass the ISS log to find our space where the problem. These things can be well in advance warning. Through the ISS log stability analysis of a web site space analysis we can indirectly, we can have a good

what time 4, the frequent visit our website, what time what we need to update the content of

Hello, my name is Wei Dongdong! For many webmaster, ISS log analysis is important to know that, but they rarely pay attention to it. The basic data usually website are available through GA or love Shanghai statistics, webmaster tools can be found, but some things want to pass some of the details of these common tools and not full site. For example, the way to climb the spider. The ISS log can be well observed by search engine spiders to crawl the site the way. So why do we have to make web log analysis. You may find the inside pages of your website, usually, search engines are not included the content of your website pages. On the one hand it with our spider climb to the way there may be some relationship.

in what aspects? ? The

2.iss log update has certain relation to frequency of site updates at the same time and site fine-tuning also have a certain relationship! These we can also through the website of the ISS log can see

ISS, an important type of log

The discovery of

3, compared to our page spider love which pages which pages do not love

4. by spiders we can find what pages frequently spider crawl, crawl these pages frequently for our serious waste of bandwidth. So we need to analyze these frequent page what page always frequently grab, and these page does not have much effect on you, so we can through the website of the robots, shielding these pages are frequency >

1. through the ISS log we can indirectly found spiders in the climb to your site frequently, the number of the chain can actually indirect responses to your web site outside of the chain the degree of success. The spider crawled through the external links to your site’s content can be found in the spider crawling and track through the ISS log.

chain effect analysis website

usually when we look at our ISS log, usually is 200 state how much do, then ISS log so the function of it, in fact, by following some aspects to introduce why Shanghai dragon to develop the habit of watching the log er.

The frequency of updates and the website

1, the indirect

ISS. What can we do?

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