Small owners how to face a new round of love Shanghai adjustment algorithm

three, Links.

In fact, the

, a content quality must pass:

this is an impetuous era, new things on the Internet there is too little, so that search engines like fresh blood, now many sites are a large number of acquisition, copy, good point will be some pseudo original content, but these are not required for the love of Shanghai, my site before these things are a little bit more, as much as possible after adding some pure original content, and I through the long-term observation, love Shanghai search results page, most of the articles are relatively long, not a sanwubo word, I think this is a signal, after writing the best can write a little longer, it in detail.

does not need me to say, whether it is from the love of Shanghai’s official announcement, or a variety of search results, you will find the row in front of the website user experience are relatively better, faster access, no pop-up ads, appropriate font size, not misleading indicator, at this point, I put my center CMS resources Station pop out hope ranking can go up slowly.

we have always stressed that content is king, the chain for the emperor, everybody except big time in the article, the rest is in the chain of the building.

four, on the construction of the chain

after careful analysis, to find out some problems existing, I think I should make adjustments from the following aspects, hopes to give some reference to other Webmaster:

I thought Links for the better, as long as the friends of the chain on the exchange, the 2 time I love green, Shanghai to study, found that for friends of the chain is very important, only as far as possible and the same type of website for friends of the chain, not to exceed the number of friends in the chain 20, and their website or similar site was favorable, punishment station must have a chain removed! Snapshot update are carefully considered, based on this, his friend chain complete inventory again, really found some problems.

two, the user experience must be:

as a senior small webmaster, on the Internet has fought for many years, from the beginning of this year, the website optimization method with the past no longer seem. Scindapsus algorithm just a few days before the launch of the 2 started blocking the promotion of soft paper, seems to be the webmaster cornered, my personal website traffic from day more than 10 thousand to PV is now less than three thousand, revenue plummeted.

in the past, rely on a large number of keyword stuffing, website chain can improve website ranking. But with the continuous adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm, the traditional way of search engine optimization is no longer suitable for the current network marketing. Cheating algorithm adjusted from 8.23 last year, to this year’s green algorithm, and pomegranate algorithm, love Shanghai included in the key words, more and more strict.

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