The browser search engine market share battle the weapon

two: Sogou browser

is the development of Google Chrome browser. As shown above, we can see that the interface is very relaxed, did not provide any of their own search box, but as long as we directly in the address box, enter the keyword search, use the search engine for the noble baby search.


as shown above, we see the Sogou browser interface. We can see in the upper right corner of the interface has a search box, the default search box use Sogou search engine, but the user can choose the default search engine, and even add a search engine.



in the past few years, Shanghai has been in love with the highest market share, and every year to maintain a certain growth rate. The noble baby, with 10 years out of the domestic market, its share is constantly shrinking. While domestic soso and Sogou growth is relatively slow, as shown in the figure below is soso and Sogou from the first quarter of 2010 to the second quarter of 2012 market share growth curve.

as shown above for the Tencent’s TT browser, we can see in the upper right corner there is a search box, but we can see the TT browser search box only allows users to use their own search engine search: Tencent.

with 360 search to the search engine, no doubt to the domestic tepid search engine battle with a fire. Before the 360 involved in the search engine, we can see that the domestic has certain market share mainly is only love Shanghai, noble baby, soso and sogou. Love Shanghai sit tight in the first position, has the absolute advantage, market share in the second quarter of this year reached 78.6%, as shown below.

: Chrome browser

four: love Shanghai >

three: TT browser


with 360 involved in the search engine, the deadlock is broken. 360 search engine launched claims to carve up the domestic 10% share of the search engine market, although this data was later confirmed the existence of some errors, but its market share has gone beyond the already deep soso and Sogou search engine market share for many years. The reason is not difficult for us to find the reason from the browser. We can see the domestic browser have the browser as a tool to carve up the search engine market share. Here we take a look at several major domestic search engine is how to carry out the battle with the browser.


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