Shanghai Longfeng optimization direction love of Shanghai is how to judge the content and the chain

two is through user feedback of website content quality: why website content is very poor quality also can get good rankings? Love Shanghai early through the web site content relevance, the quality of the chain number to do keyword score late by users to judge this site is really in line with the user this is why some experience, 6, 22,6, 28 survived the site, behind still being K away; and some sites are still not being punished, especially those in the content of the outrageous (can refer to previously published articles: "analysis of" God station "is how the keywords ranking do go up"), they still continue keyword ranking good momentum.

search engine in the content of the evaluation:

this has caused some web content of very poor quality, and even random wide of the mark with keywords, can also have a good ranking, in Shanghai update phase has not punished accordingly, which makes a lot of Shanghai dragon Er puzzled why the website content of others so bad without being punished? The reason: their quality although poor, but still belong to the original content, the similarity in the network is very low.

users "feedback" is not always true, but some of the real needs of users, Shanghai dragon Er hampers the authenticity of the data, they try to understand and study the thoughts of curiosity or website why not be K, why is not right, and even want to let it disappear: something no snapshot to report complaints of this website (but love Shanghai found a lot of people are malicious complaints snapshot, love Shanghai also made the corresponding countermeasures: snapshot complaints will appear after the deletion of the phenomenon). This caused some of the data is not all web users’ true portrayal, because the study site which led to stay a long time, the bounce rate is low, PV is high.

In fact,

is judged by the similarity of content: 6, 22,6, 28 Shanghai K station is two times of love by judging whether the content of pure in too much similarity, general collection of articles are found in other sites, the similarity is very high, Shanghai will love too much for these acquisition or false original similarity exists too high site drop right, Shanghai love to us saying:


recently a group of friends site is k off. This shows that through a dangerous period of love in Shanghai (6, 22,6, 28), love does not mean the Shanghai penalty has ended, the user experience is not a good web site, at any time may be punished. Recently many site is down right, observation and analysis at the same time, also in the unceasing reflection; Shanghai Longfeng optimization is divided into the station outside the station and two blocks, and the content and the chain of important factors leading this keyword ranking, we also make a long-term optimization of Shanghai dragon. Summary of search engine is how to judge the value of the content and the chain:


some quality is not high site by Shanghai dragon Er repeated Research >

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