Shanghai Longfeng not drift do reasonable to the healthy development of Shanghai Dragon


is not the more the better, the quantity and quality should be proportional to

, for example, for example, after an article you write a submission to the A5 platform, and then approved by many websites, so the significance of high quality articles like this on the site is very large, there are many readers first know your brand through your article.

first Shanghai dragon is not all, its promotion methods and

when we have this concept, we’ll do things every day out of a circle. If you think the web traffic in addition to Shanghai dragon will have no other good way, then maybe you thought is not correct, Shanghai dragon is only a step in website promotion, some websites still completely rely on Shanghai Longfeng development is very good, our website does not need Shanghai dragon, but not excessive dependence, must find other ways to do promotion, so it is not too care about some of the details have not essential, staring at the keywords ranking, SITE every day to your site, you will have more things to do, only attaching importance to this issue, you can spend more time to do other things, so the probability of will Shanghai dragon over optimized to reduce a lot, the website will also in such thoughts, it becomes more natural and normal development, will become better and better .

website are the more the better, the more the better, the article contains keywords keywords, the more the better title keywords contained in the more the better, the more the better, the article of internal links as possible, including external links construction and Links also think more is better. There are countless more in our minds, and it is natural to start piling up keywords, began to update the article crazy, desperately do external links, such as forum signature. In fact, this idea is not established, the data is not the more the better site, but the quality and quantity of proportional case is the best, if you have a lot of data, but the quality is very general, so not much significance. This leads to an important thought of optimization is excessive. The idea is to take the intersection of appropriate optimization, the premise of ensuring the quality and quantity increasing, so the effect is very obvious.

, traffic do a good way is by Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon Chinese is search engine optimization, we have to do is to make your site do all kinds of adjustment, has reached with the search engine to crawl and index requirements, but now you can see all kinds of cheating, emerge in an endless stream, has reached the purpose of improving the keyword ranking, these practices will not be long before I was. The site also has hidden text, were punished, but later began to do stand absolutely reasonable to do Shanghai Longfeng, now the search engine gives very good weight. So more and more attention to the importance of reasonable Shanghai Longfeng, today to share with you my thoughts.


The needs of the development of traffic

Secondly, Many owners think that from the

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