Talk about the method of Shanghai dragon now done before

now approach: we need from the construction site before put some things with good planning, such as website before: the choice of keywords to identify those keywords (which is the main keywords, brand words, those long tail word we need one by one analysis; then analysis is made of the development of key words may determine; well, through the analysis of user needs; what is the user; most want to know and then make one record, can also be through the actual market to analyze the needs of users), planning a good website (including some users sketch precipitation habits: navigation should be placed in the.

now do Shanghai dragon ranking will be more simple; why, because the search engine more specifically "quality problems" is not to say that the website article content; but a web site overall mechanism. Now the Internet time has been more and more widely, many people would love to buy things on the Internet, online trading, online teaching and so on; it is related to what is the use of the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon with closely related, now more and more people will use the Internet, the website will be more and more, also do Shanghai dragon the same; if we do is in accordance with the previous Shanghai dragon must be no good, because we need to study the most users want to focus on is what most want to buy those products, most want to know what information, most want to know a good place to travel, most want to know some emotional problems and so on; are the needs of Shanghai dragon study out; do Shanghai dragon we will have a chance of survival.

began to contact with the industry in 2008 from a lot of people will feel that it’s easy, easy; is not to update the website content, a chain to the home page; ranking; now is also a lot of people will think more new content of Shanghai dragon is simple, send the chain ranking; go up! Is there for ever, but the search engine in the continuous updating algorithm, you also do so with a machine optimization without distinction. Wei Wei told you before practice and practice now has the very big difference, why? Because it is now a search engine in constant change, the search engine algorithm also will update from time to time; this will directly affect us Shanghai dragon, is a state of mind but we need to change. We can’t do now ranked according to the previous thinking routine; because you simply update the content, and these content analysis through the user needs no content is useless, now the search engine more perfect user experience; we need through continuous learning some of the user’s search habits."


the previous practice: before the content is on the Internet looking for the two article update, add a keyword in the title, the article add a few keywords anchor text point to the home page; the chain is as to find a few articles of poop, then put on a web site at the bottom of the article; not what technology basically.

then and now before the difference is that? Weiwei simple speaking several points:

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