Shanghai fast decryption love means black hat brush Ranking Ranking

Pictured above is

, the love of Shanghai "love Shanghai brush index ranking, can see the keywords search still quite a lot of people, it is said that many people do this line. So, these advertisements are true? What is the principle of love Shanghai brush ranking? Then I give you love Shanghai fast ranking decryption.

here, must love Shanghai brush ranking principle has been gradually clear up. Just think, if a keyword love Shanghai ranked first in the website, click on the amount is far below the rank lower than its website, so love Shanghai will think this site is not welcomed by the users, the user experience is not high, in other words, the quality of the site is not high. On the contrary, if you are not in the top, click on the quantity is slightly higher than the normal traffic, Shanghai would love to think that your site is valuable, so as to improve its ranking. So the principle of love Shanghai brush ranking is: through the use of various IP love Shanghai a query keywords, click on your brush to the site, and through deception love Shanghai brush ranking. Usually by the ADSL for IP or for IP agent brush ranking. Love and Shanghai on behalf of the brush brush ranking service or brush ranking software prices are very expensive, as shown below, is a website of the Shanghai love brush ranking software price list.


well, the brush ranking way feasible? Theory is feasible. Because of the anti cheating technology with love in Shanghai compared to more mature Google much worse, as long as the brush ranked moderate, keywords competition and not particularly intense, the ranking is likely to brush up. But this way is absolutely black hat tactics.

we know, love Shanghai ranking principle is: the quality of the chain and website content. Rapid brush ranking, is the use of love Shanghai for the quality of the content of judgment of blind spots. Love Shanghai is how to judge the quality of the content of the website? Generally speaking, according to the original, update frequency and quantity as well as the user experience to judge. Shanghai love can determine whether an article original, but it can not determine the quality. When the user experience has become an important reference standard to judge the love of Shanghai or the quality of your website.

recently in the webmaster group, webmaster forum, called "a quick brush love Shanghai ranked" advertising is very rampant. These ads are generally claimed to offer similar "3 heavenly home" and "8 hours before the three" service, according to the Shanghai love index ranging from hundreds to thousands of charges.

some friends may have a doubt: Shanghai dragon circles not teach us black hat die? Why black hat rankings are up, just white hat optimization ranking but behind? Do you love Shanghai really have no way to judge? The answer is yes. Then the master thief will have come out, since it is the black hat tactics, can not be perfect.


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