The chain of love which Shanghai platform Shanghai Longfeng effect

first, site of each link sharing platform where the page will be included in the love of Shanghai.

third, a large flow must be done.

He is also the

love or love of Shanghai Haiyun, they rarely included, for example, love Shanghai favorites, included quantity is only 2370, and the amount of collection and remain unchanged, so the new page of the collection is almost no effect, but this is not included in the amount is too important, because love is love in Shanghai of Shanghai for their own products, but the most important is the web page snapshot will remain unchanged, which is equivalent to your web page for a backup, no matter you right to delete this class, can be found in the favorites.


and some other platforms, or rarely included only included words, may not link. Remember here included refers to share links in the pages of the entire site included not included, if you don’t know how to check the page included words, we can see the search grammar.

platform born good, easily content synchronization and acquisition, this is also a good source. For example, I once said Tianya share and share the love of Shanghai Post Bar, you share the contents here over a period after you will find you outside of the chain can increase a lot, so these places are collected, so you outside of the chain was also collected.



For example, Sina micro-blog Some

we know that as long as the collected web pages, the links can be calculated. For example, micro-blog site after the discovery of Phoenix, we included the amount of millions, and in the micro-blog page contains links, so this link is certainly effective.

index when the network fault at the same time, similar to the "backup, Shanghai love may be applied in many aspects such as the reference index.

second, love Shanghai products are included are recommend.

not long ago I shared a love for Shanghai to share the chain "article, the overall share love Shanghai should do, here I say some specific love Shanghai to share knowledge, such as what the chain can be identified and the calculation of the love of Shanghai, which may be calculated. How to choose or find

For example,

, we know that if you did not add V certification, you will not be micro-blog spiders crawl, then your content or links also love Shanghai do not know, so you join this logically there is no Shanghai Longfeng effect. But don’t forget, we do share is not merely for the purpose of the chain, there is also an important factor in drainage. Even if a platform does not bring the chain effect, can increase the weight to the website or web page, but as long as this website can bring customers is a good platform for propaganda, it is worth doing.

fourth, acquisition source.

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