Alexa ranked four large effect on the corporate website

Alexa ranking for small and medium enterprise website and blog is not much, basically can be neglected. Alexa ranking mainly for corporate website types: the huge amount of information, high rate of the online website.

as the site weight, weight high website, even reproduced soft, will also be search engine that is the original website, press speculation is the same, Alexa high ranking sites and low ranking website the effect is a world of difference, such as a personal blog and compared to Sina or NetEase, as can be imagined its propaganda the strength and the level of official.

Googl ealexa has been ranked in the first place for a long time, many webmaster for the ultimate goal, death defying brush Alexa Rankings, but whether the thought of noble baby various countries in the world with its brand and company, about six billion of the world’s population, Internet users accounted for about 2000000000 of the total world population of 1/3, is the search engine noble baby the elder brother, 2011 aristocratic baby users accounted for 84.64% of the visits have much as can be imagined, so its Alexa ranking first and not for a long time.

recently ranked company boss of Alexa requirements are particularly high, every day staring at, to tell the truth, from Shanghai to Phoenix now, I really do not know how to improve the Alexa website ranking, go online to check the next, in addition to brush, there is no good way to improve Alexa ranking, today on the Alexa bull the role of enterprise website ranking.

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second: venture capital index of

Alexa website ranking is one of the VC reference condition factors, if hao123 had no Alexa ranking 25, love Shanghai may not spend 11 billion 900 million yuan and forty thousand shares of stock price, harvest it. This should be a sentence "the fall".

advertising fees

fourth: press speculation explosion point platform

Alexa has a large effect on the ranking of corporate website:

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only heavy traffic sites, in the sale of advertising case can lead to higher income. Join a IP website daily visits to 500 thousand, more than 1 million visitors, an advertising show 1 million times, according to thousands of times show pay, every day about one thousand yuan, if you are installing the nobility baby advertising words are translated into U.S. dollars, as can be imagined the benefits.

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third: high ranking Alexa can meet the enterprise owners vanity


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