To master these skills the original will no longer be a problem

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And the evaluation is the best reply The concept of

spider love original right? But the spider grab is what? It is to seize the contents inside? It is to grab the content of a page is? If my article is a reprint of others, this part of the page, but I will create another part of the content to fill it! If additional content than the content of the article, so is this page is more than 50% of the original degree? This is not an original page? The answer is obvious…… So, when we have plenty of original content, we can think of the way it is with other content to fill the page. Let this page presents to the search engine is an original page! So the spider will crawl, but it is very happy to grab. Well, the next question is how to do with these contents.


today is Deng Zhongsheng and we talked about such a problem, that is the original problem. For a website benefits is self-evident. Original birthright, often in the webmaster forum, when someone asked, speaking out what website problems, most webmaster can ask him to do more original content, the chain of multiple high quality, keep doing this, what problems will be solved, will be good, so we can think that the original and links which are the essence of Shanghai dragon, which is also directly affect Shanghai Longfeng effect, so how do we get to the two aspects of the resources will become a big problem, then, an original page that it is really hard to

believes that many webmaster like me before, for the understanding of the original is original content! But after yesterday and a friend, I found that I was wrong, the so-called original, it is not necessarily the original content, but the original page! I believe that there are a large part of the Shanghai dragon ER they are not clear, so it will cause us to the bottleneck, we tried to find the content of the original, there is no original content that will go to the pseudo original, in short, is in order to get the original content! We usually go for the original channel has several, or write your own, or find others write, or go to the original artifacts. Write and ask others to write this method is very good, but please be costly, write may not have so much time and energy as well as what to write. So, this enables us to get the original much tougher. See a lot of bloggers is that early update themselves, there may be a day two or three articles, but not for a long time, written after one or two months will be found not update, do not know what to write, if not true love writing also won’t have the patience. Then there will be a lot of blog closed, or is it, or whether it was not updated……… The content of the original difficult, difficult……… ..

to say today is that the original is not equal to the original content, as long as the page is the original OK.

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