Keywords high degree of competition should be how to operate

, early should be as much as possible to update the high quality articles

‘s sixty set Du Forum

through the investigation on the site, included stable after the start of the chain stability update. Of course, taking the chain placed sixty Du began to start relatively late, normally one to two weeks after the start of the chain update, but be careful, do not group, do not buy the chain link! Taking placed sixty Du is mainly divided into four parts: 1. for related high weight on the altar with individuality signature; 2. blog, and added light processing related within the article in the blog, and wait for the search engines, included after the start add link; 3. small encyclopedia and Q & a platform; 4. Links; 5. friendship chain, fifth point to a friend’s special thanks to put sixty Du. The net is called the son, he released the chain are handy for our forum sent much chain in every day. This is all part of

two, mid chain stable update

website launch, will have to face is the one to three month long study period, love Shanghai. This time, not anxious to do outside the chain, the first station to copy. Taking place sixty crossing in this period of time every day to the station with 30 high quality articles. After about three months, through the investigation, the forum reached the second effect. So, early in the new line, the station should be as much as possible to update the high quality articles. There is one point to note is that the enterprise can not stand in this range, because the enterprise station does not belong to the update site, enterprise station early to add products can be completed, such as new products and updated every 4 to 8 weeks later can make a user experience fine-tuning.

three and later follow up soft

on the site, update the chain to a certain stage, you need to start some soft Wen released. We all know that the user clicks is a very effective method to improve the ranking, and attract users to click on the method, the most effective is soft! In a team with a soft Wen writers is very necessary, writing every day one to two high quality soft Wen.

in Shanghai Longfeng process, will encounter some keywords many very high degree of competition. A lot of friends for general competitive keywords, optimization is often handy, but often at a loss what to do for the popular. In May this year because of interest, there is a friend to engage in a business before the sixty Du forum keywords was selected as "Shanghai Phoenix Forum" and "Shanghai Dragon Technology Forum", the "Shanghai Dragon Technology Forum" ranked first, but the words do not belong to the highly competitive keywords. "Shanghai Phoenix Forum" is currently ranked second. The words related to search about 3210000, ranking first in the famous Shanghai dragon WHY forum, said the competition is quite fierce, but we still do. Today I’m taking combination since this period of time before the sixty forum Du rankings do experience, to talk about the high degree of competition keywords should be how to operate.

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