Website ranking disappear suddenly how should we respond

(Figure two)

first: the first to analyze the reasons, here mainly said from what aspects; most people know to look at the chain included site domain name is on the home page here this is not to say, novice friends might say that can see what, in fact, Zhengzhou website optimization just have said, is to look at you without the WWW domain name is what are you ranked (if not with the WWW domain name analytic or do jump can omit this step), especially for the recent love Shanghai large fluctuations in many sites without the WWW domain name more than a ranking of why this situation is particularly useful, if there is not www the ranking proof of your site itself not what problem, change is to love Shanghai there, the reason is not you, so you don’t need to specifically what to do: adjustment if both are not ranked, so card Your website is really a problem, you need to check your site page Links included the chain code and other aspects, and make timely targeted measures and the corresponding change.

map can be seen in yesterday when the station site in Zhengzhou hands or completely normal, two main keywords ranking first of all, it can be seen from figure two overnight rankings will disappear, only the ranking is not with the WWW domain ranking, interested friends can go to check.

From a

second: what to do, to find their own "cause" and the operation is, like the Zhengzhou website optimization this we first do is to calm down, continue to maintain their own practices, don’t worry at waiting, if you say I want to quickly restore the psychological worry, you can also do something the holder in the premise condition of inconvenience to your original operating practices, to some strong correlation between high authority website submission or buy soft, for optimization of Shanghai Longfeng industry is to the A5 submission, this has two advantages first is to enhance the authority and normality of your website, in fact, most of the website ranking the fluctuation is due to fluctuation of the authority is not enough, careful Adsense will find the brand website ranking is stable which is the reason, is second Because of these authoritative website spider active high, and in the site of spider crawling deep level (can be the "deep crawling spider"), so it can guide the spider crawled deep into your site, your site on the full range of deep once again climbed the >

(Figure 1)

recently a lot of friends especially novice webmaster friends dream often ask me, my website ranking suddenly disappeared overnight, what should I do? I like you have encountered such a situation, today Zhengzhou website optimization hand station also happened to meet this situation, to take this opportunity to talk about the website ranking how do I suddenly disappeared after operation, the old rules look at the example:

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