How to correctly understand the content is king the chain for emperor this sentence

2. the contents of the original problem, in fact the contents of the original or not is not important, best original, can allow users to find elsewhere on the Internet in your website can’t find something that can improve user viscosity (but this requires good writing ability and the subject content professional knowledge), if there is no way to do original, collect some good articles is also a good way (collecting the need is consistent with site theme and some articles are more professional), and Shanghai officials have repeatedly said love, love the sea do not care about an article is original, only care about this article or this website can bring how much value to the user, this is the love of Shanghai on a website or web page value judgment standard.

first talk about "content is king"! Content for a web site, is the most important in any situation, so the "content is king" this is the truth will never change. The content is the core of a website, is the soul of the website, highly with the site theme is the content of a website value. Do the friends should do website content in any case, only a very good content, can let visitors find what they need in the website, increase the user experience. But what kind of content is required by the user? The following points for your reference to the following:

so that the content construction must provide valuable and consistent comparison of key content, the more value for users of the website that love Shanghai, the greater the value is, the higher the weight, the more forward keywords.

1. theme of the site or the site keyword content, let visitors enter search keywords website, see the content they need


the next Xiaobian to talk about "the chain for emperor", Shanghai dragon friends understand the importance of outreach, many people think that the chain for the website, for the keyword function accounted for 70%, maybe right, but with the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, in the keywords ranking in the role of the chain more and more small. Love Shanghai outside the chain of judgment is also explained, "a chain is a high quality the chain is mainly to see whether the user or website, the site must have real recommended friends all know, because of the weight transfer, so a website for a website real recommendation almost does not exist, especially the forum outside the chain, are on their own recommendation, this can be called outside the chain of high quality? So the search engine has been and will still continue to reduce the chain for weight and keywords ranking.

from Shanghai dragon rise of this industry, "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence has become Shanghai dragon Er truth, with the escalation of the search engine algorithm, this truth is so useful? Today Xiaobian and to share some of my ideas, the real war on a few months and I hope you can help, if not, you will laugh. So how to understand the "content is king, the chain for emperor"

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