New sites do three elements quickly improve the ranking is no longer difficult

just for a new website, improve website ranking will be all new Adsense dream of things, so many owners are absorbing all kinds of martial arts cheats, want to become the site field Master, but when facing the multitude cheats website optimization, some haoshouqiongjing results only become a theorist. When the actual always faced repeated failure, visible theoretical and practical gap is still very big! Knowledge is now inside the University, get the community to use, often let the students have just graduated at a loss, visible good theory, but also through the practice support, otherwise it is not any effect


: a regular update of the content of high quality

! The author introduces the

website construction including website design and website for hardware investment, website design, the template must be the personal independence of conduct at a glance, not to let others feel tired, because now a lot of websites on the Internet and there have been a number of similar website templates, so many users feel real pain, once the structure of your new template the first impression, then can improve the user! And for the site of the hardware investment, we should pay more attention to the stability of the site and the speed of the open, not to be able to save money in these areas, it is very easy.

this element has two points, one is the law, can not be a day to update a lot of content, can not be three days without an update, it is best to timely update on time every day, even if it is not able to point in time, then also have to according to the number of days to update the site every day. The content, so that it can meet the requirements of law; and the other one is the need to focus on high quality, many webmaster to high quality fault that is original, this has been a lot of optimization experts believe that this is wrong, the content of high quality, which is able to produce content to help to the user, so appropriate reprint is also a good choice, of course, to write to the original natural and better user help, every day is the best part of high quality, increase the regularity of the original and reproduced content, so that it can help to enhance the user experience And love Shanghai spiders attendance


two: can not drift with the current construction site, must have personality

actually said so much, the purpose is to let the novice webmaster know a truth, that is to do anything, to actively try not to blindly pursue what kind of theory, or advanced theory, probably half the time you spend, finally understand the optimization theory of Shanghai Dragon (and also eat impervious) while others already through practice, has quickly mastered the three elements enhance the website ranking, let your web site to get a lot of traffic, and you have just started, so you no matter how competition is It doesn’t help the situation.!

of the three rankings elements, many owners after the actual operation, and proved to have good effect, as a reference, the author will write out these three elements, and the webmaster friends share

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