How to select the Taobao keyword off site

Shanghai index. This is the most basic, if your word is not love Shanghai index, so sure is to do products online search not too many people, there is no optimal value, so in general you can directly give up (except for special products profiteering products depending on the actual situation); and Shanghai index can not simply love look, you have to look at the development trend, after all the virtual love Shanghai index will mislead you

two, to determine the key words: not selected products can be used as a web site keywords you have, you must consider your opponent, you are determined to search whether so much information on the Internet, simply speaking, is to determine the keywords you value is worth doing.

2. of love Shanghai index do not fully determine your product will sell well, this time we can determine the number of transactions with Taobao and Taobao alliance promotion number.

3. for their own needs, find people around required: as the saying goes: "the three stooges, top of Zhu Geliang", and your friends to chat, talk, discuss, believe that you will always find benefit by mutual discussion, the.

4. for brand products. It is best to promote the brand operation, and traffic is more accurate, I often find the brand products. So, where to find the brand products? Everything is not love from Shanghai, you do optimization in Shanghai love search should be a good idea; on the other hand, Taobao brand is more easy to find; finally, there is a street brand column in Taobao above, there is the famous brand related the product is also a good choice. Of course, this is not a secret, so brand Street above products relatively competitive large, rely on your patience to find out.

1. supermarket or department store. The inspiration comes from life, shopping is also not the necessities of life, so supermarkets and department stores can give you inspiration.

3. to determine the degree of competition Keywords: sure you do the products sold, keywords have the value of doing, the most important point, how do you determine the key competitiveness, not too competitive, flower >

1. love

2. Taobao store shopping, shopping mall, online shop. With the first inspiration is similar, but this is more convenient, the search range is also great, but relative to the first point, inspiration may not be very good grasp, after all you see is not the real product, feeling not so big.



for Taobao customers or other website, website keywords are very important. I contacted Taobao customers for nearly 1 years of time, today to talk about how to choose the Taobao keyword off site


, a Taobao customer mining products: Taobao guest is the product, so the product is very important, here provides several directions for reference:


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