Love Shanghai auction one stop marketing platform will be on the line

love Shanghai auction one-stop platform, one-stop management now love Shanghai bidding main business: search marketing and web promotion, the promotion also includes PC side search search engine promotion and mobile search engine promotion, web promotion including the PC client and mobile network wide web promotion.

Public opinions are divergent. Shanghai K station since last year, love, some voices say, love Shanghai’s business is affected, so as to adjust the big action to recover their losses. Think carefully, of course this reason. The decline in performance, of course, to adjust. And the effect of the most direct reason is that users of two words. User experience makes love Shanghai quickly adjusted, that made this year’s 2013 spark program. Because of the importance of love Shanghai has pay attention to the user experience. Maybe you will say: "how do you know".

4. multi account management: designed for users to create multiple accounts account management experts.

features a one-stop marketing platform:


but now, love Shanghai customers also do not support a one-stop platform for the promotion of love Shanghai auction.

love Shanghai launched a one-stop platform for the ultimate goal is to make more money, more straightforward, indeed. A background turned out to be very common, some details may be slowly changing, but now the management platform is certainly not enough to easily manage all the products now love Shanghai auction business. And now love Shanghai bidding management platform was chaotic, fuzzy. It is also convenient to the user experience, to make more money. So the user experience is very important.

to share with you!

1. one-stop management: switching products no longer like the original entrance frequently, what other account password, one-stop management of all products for the love of Shanghai.

simple analysis to this, I will continue to pay attention to

2. account exchange: as long as you have love in Shanghai bidding any products easily account opening other products, exchange time.

just asked me in love Shanghai friend, said it can be used officially called a powerful one-stop platform for tomorrow.

in Shanghai love to adjust the search engine algorithm at the same time, also in the business of the above adjustment. Because I love Shanghai algorithm adjustment eventually for his services. From the age of 3, for love Shanghai love Shanghai open network alliance audience marketing last year love Shanghai search promotion path and preferential promotion search page, love Shanghai, today announced a high-profile one-stop platform for the promotion of the momentum on the line.

3. unified funds: funds pool for each product for each product that love Shanghai auction, need to transfer, a lot of trouble. Now the unified management of all products every pool of funds, budget control, indeed greatly enhance the user experience.

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