Explain the relationship between the Shanghai love reverse promotion account structure

hopes to reverse this idea, so that we can clearly understand the account structure love Shanghai, as well as the structure of the relationship, we can lot out, if there do not know where to communicate with me. This article from the dark horse of SEM Forum: 贵族宝贝hmsem贵族宝贝/thread-283-1-1.html

was the first to explain the relationship between keywords and creativity. Keywords Internet users may search words, and creative is when users search words, keywords to show time for Internet users to read (such as your account inside the word apple, when users search for apple, it will trigger corresponding to your account inside Apple keywords of creativity, and the creative exhibition now netizens eyes, so that we should understand it?). Keywords and creativity are many to many relationship, many words can correspond to a lot of creative


Hello, today for everyone to reverse explain, love Shanghai for promotion inside the account plan, unit, and the relationship between them keywords. This is very important, a lot of people stuck in this link, I hope this article can help to you.

know this, behind a good understanding, the keywords and creativity together, to form a unit, on the inside of a unit, thus forming an integral unit love Shanghai promotion inside the


know love Shanghai account structure, good operation, for example, we can give the keyword bid, in general, the higher the price, so the better, to get the opportunity to show more, also can give creative, add links, such as your promotion which website? To add creative website which links it? If the customer search keywords, to trigger your creativity, then click on your creativity, will link to your website, then may like consumption or consulting.

because we in the promotion of the time, often promote many different kinds of ideas and words, so we put the creativity and combination of different kinds of keywords (here a combination of ideas and key words after I just called on the unit), plan, so the plan is born, keywords, so that we can promotion of different varieties for example, when we in the promotion of mobile phone, we can make several different brands of mobile phone promotion plan respectively, such as millet mobile phone HUAWEI mobile phone Apple mobile phone and so on, on a different schedule in order to promote, these things are, then we put these plans on the love of Shanghai account inside, form love Shanghai promotion account tree.

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