How to make search engines love on our website

is the second station construction within the chain, only do the construction of the chain in optimization can make the search engine spiders in your site crawling more smoothly, but also more conducive to your page by your search engine. For example, the article can do some of the anchor text link, the corresponding text links to the opposite page, the page judgment and improve the spider to grab, this article is now released as small, some of the anchor text link text can add a highlight color, also can improve the user experience of browsing.


of course, the content of the site quality is the most important part of the station optimization, Xiaobian to often considered in the update station the question is what is – visitors want to find content? The user wants to know what information? They will use what keywords you want to search the content so small? When updating the article try to improve the "quality", "original", and "the speed of information". The readability of the so-called "quality" is the. The "original" believe that everyone can understand, is the original article, try not to copy and paste the other website, the search engine that is not love. "The speed of information" is the word believe that many people may not understand, the speed of information refers to the content of the novel, such as the latest news, the latest developments of the Internet, we.


small company website to optimize their about two months time, from one station to all the main keywords ranking to love Shanghai home, also paid a lot of sweat and hardships, from the two months of data, the overall is still very small website with the search engine’s preferences. It successfully hooked on search engines love Shanghai. The following small to share how to make search engines love on our website:

Xiao Bian just finished in the new company’s official website is just love Shanghai proposed web search quality white paper, then Xiaobian pays close attention to, high quality "is called to the reader to provide effective, high quality content. This is all the search engines are most concerned with, how to let customers find valuable things to customers in the search engine. So small in the station under a lot of effort.

is the first site in the station layout, how are we going to let the search engines can accurately catch you in effective keywords? The spider is to head information website, and information, and tail information, he does not like to go to catch the scanner as completely as the entire page information can only be selective to. So we must be in the middle of the site, head and tail do keyword layout optimization. The focus can be put on the head and tail. Although the search spiders can also grab the picture information, but it is mainly to the main text. We can use the keyword density of the page to adjust the layout of the keywords. In the layout of the small remember to remind you not too deliberately layout, that would make the search engine.

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