Cloud cube network about Taobao recently for suspected illegal shops closed permanently tips

recently received a lot of feedback friends, suddenly began to force for many suspected illegal content shop directly Feng Ting, the act without any warning and notification, whether it is the title of the baby or the picture relates to its illegal content may have affected by this encounter, who is closed shop, will receive a deduction of 24 points or 48 points the notice at the same time baby and overdue purchase records will be deleted and will not want to clean up the land, that is to say the store and accumulated so customers have no permanent nature, years of effort is wasted.

cloud cube network ( responsible Li Qiang said: the Alibaba to be listed, to conduct internal audits of natural behavior was tougher than ever, if Taobao is a fair punishment, for the health of the entire shopping environment and the industry is a promotion, as long as the treasurer timely cleared unclean against Taobao’s self correction rules the contents of the line, such as VPN, over the wall, stealing, genuine high imitation, brush reputation, repeat the same IP shop and even the price too low, frequently change the difference is too large to buy others including the brush out of the high credibility of shops, are likely to be permanently disabled, if you can The loss outweighs the gain., at the same time should be appropriate allow customers to add QQ and WeChat and many other contact tools to deal with all kinds of sudden events.

on cloud cube:

cloud cube network is Hongkong VPS cloud host leading brand, founded by senior management and technology from domestic top hosting service providers with abundant capital, on Hongkong two well-known room, line to Chinese, with many domestic line quality, is the most consistent with the Chinese mainland enterprises make free use of the host station for the record, Hongkong is to provide cloud VPS host, free for the record, virtual host, Henan cloud host VPS, the domestic line virtual host and the multi line server rental, Hongkong IP server rental, domestic high anti server, IP rich, cheap sales, and provide domestic service record.

The original "

cloud hosting a proxy, also a wholesale" universal proxy mode, at the same time for the whole network recruitment agency partners sharing cloud hosting cloud cube feast, will always provide superior industry commitment to cloud hosting price advantage to all partner agent.

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