When the car hit E commerce

at first glance, racing and complete electronic commerce does not take sides, and why the reporter raised such a question? "Or electronic commerce, or no business can" Gates said such a classic phrase, the applicability of

in China?

"Hello World", this is Bill Gates released on Twitter in the first sentence, because of its special status, Gates in the Twitter account is also considered "once IT first person to pay tribute to the new era of IT".

interesting is the famous American magazine "Forbes" yesterday reported that in 2010 China’s e-commerce is expected to achieve an increase of 90%. The article argues that the speed is surprising".

today I learned that the local Shenzhen automobile supplies online mall show car network (showche) and the famous Taiwan team KRC (Kang racing) reached a strategic partnership, the two sides will buy in automotive supplies, riders activities, website content, exclusive merchandise, car modification to carry out substantive cooperation in many aspects.

words to here, the problem back to the origin of a website and racing team in the context of the city, whether brain fever?

Rainbow Night e-commerce industry, e-commerce industry in 2010 and when?

iResearch 2009 China online shopping market research report shows: in 2009 B2C market share increased from 7% in 2008 to $11%. A year ago, C2C also accounted for 93.2% of the online shopping market. The industry is now quite agree with the view that: compared to occupy a dominant position in the current C2C, rookie B2C will have a broader space for development.

corresponds, in the past 2009, e-commerce related topics have become the focus of attention of the entire IT industry areas. Cai Peng, vice president of shopex through the observation found that this year, the theme of the conference is to do e-commerce a fire, it can be said to have reached the point where you can not believe."

compared with the industry’s hot, so some facts are enough to make people want to get a break in the e-commerce industry nuggets.

show car network marketing director Zhuang Shuai, for example, the moment a lot of people have put the dream of entrepreneurship in Taobao, there are white-collar workers quit full-time open shop, there are college graduates open shop. They created a network of business prosperity, but the real money is how much? Love entrepreneurs often rush on like a swarm of hornets after a period of time, then, and have fallen, although e-commerce has a good development potential and huge market, Zhuang Shuai believes " " e-commerce; not all entrepreneurs blue ocean.

Jingdong Mister Liu Qiangdong recently wrote in the expert column iResearch, e-commerce industry seems low barriers to entry, in fact, if the video site burn, so the electronic commerce also burn, even more than the video website >

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