On January sold only 430 million fund Taobao stores as chicken ribs

Liu Tian

[Taobao sell fund products is the first time, most companies are in the sense of stone across the river". Taobao to buy retail customers and customers to buy fund products are not the same characteristics, Taobao sales experience in other industries do not apply, fund companies still need to explore their own]

"balance of treasure" to the success of the fund net enthusiasm. However, the first batch of 17 stores on the line more than a month since the overall turnover of light Taobao, which undoubtedly poured into the huge enthusiasm of the fund companies poured cold water.

fund Taobao store turnover deserted

November 1st, the first batch of 17 fund companies collectively landed Taobao financial channel pocketed the eye. However, according to statistics, on-line 17 fund companies a month total sales of only $430 million. Which yifangda gains A contributed 339 million yuan, while the other 16 of the fund’s overall sales of more than and 100 products did not exceed 100 million yuan, more than just the product of zero turnover still appears bleak situation.

yifangda gains A as yifangda fund specifically for the "double eleven" custom explosion of funds, because the first closed period of the agreed rate of return of up to 6% and concern. November 11th 10 hours on-line turnover will exceed $100 million, at the end of the year in November 13th to raise the total amount raised to $339 million, but did not meet the original set limit of 468 million by the end of. And this is his yifangda debt ratings base invested 200 million subscription class B shares, can be said to be out of pocket to do marketing.

from a single company, launched a month total sales of tens of millions of only 4, yifangda, Cathay Pacific Fund, GF fund and the Milky Way fund. Which yifangda and Cathay Pacific Fund for taobao.com specially customized products, in the explosion of "product driven by the overall turnover is relatively active.

in addition to these fund companies, other fund companies turnover is relatively low, and there are more than zero turnover of the product and the situation under the shelf.

, in fact, the current turnover can also, we did not hold too high expectations at the beginning, Taobao shop just a direct access to the mouth." Shanghai, a fund company business electricity supplier in accept the first financial daily "financial" said in an interview, although the overall turnover is not high, but the number of customers or a lot, by Taobao at low cost more number of customers.

for the fund into Amoy many people are concerned about the volume, but in fact, we are more concerned about the conversion rate of the whole store and customer unit price." Manulife TEDA chief marketing officer Li Qi said, now more is in learning to understand, learn how to operate the Taobao store, to grasp the key points of the operation of Taobao shop.

fund official website to catch up with


in the fund’s Taobao store turnover deserted at the same time, some fund companies have a direct channel through the official website sales success.

in December 10th 9 to December 11th 15, huitianfu official website.

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