Taobao brush credibility approach reveals how a day to drill inside

see forum many people ask Taobao brush reputation, as for how to brush also pointed out a lot of people: virtual goods transactions brush, there is a physical transaction platform brush brush reputation, for instance, but specific to how many people brush reputation or unwilling to believe that carefully conceal mentioning details, did not make people still don’t know. Point out here, in fact, there is a vision of a friend can see a lot of business opportunities. Writing this article does not encourage you to brush credibility, or hope that your good faith transactions, just let you know the inside of it.

trading virtual goods brush reputation: first of all under the reputation of ills, senior buyers is very easy. And, because you put the mouse into the credit appears when real transaction and virtual transaction percentages! Of course, gold buyers in Taobao is still a minority, so this kind of brush reputation means is currently used. There are many online brush drill platform, I did not go in, I was doing a virtual recharge, such as mobile, Unicom, etc. to recharge, can indeed be 1 days to drill this unpompous. Do not know when the shop began to shout a lot of shops are brush drill message, now think of their original switch to do this in line.

so how to operate it? Do you sell mobile, China Unicom, calls to do so? You certainly don’t believe. In fact, after the purchase of an automatic recharge software to do the rest of the operation of virtual goods transactions know. Add group! Plus Wangwang group related group! Plus you buy the top software! And then lending in these groups, 1 dollars that you sell 9 wool, six group, 6 yuan loss of 6 cents, but you got 6 credit. A drill 251 praise in fact it will be $25. You do not have to pay the money, you buy this kind of recharge software when some agents will do for you. For example, our team will generally give the buyer to be 3 to 4 red hearts, in order to prevent Taobao punishment, this node is relatively safe, because the more than and 100 do not appear to punish the buyers.

although Taobao is very strict on the management of the class, but in those groups, the loan plus the full day of advertising or full floating. It is not enough for the supervision of Taobao. In order to reduce the risk of most of the loans are now in kind, the kind of brush credibility, in fact, or virtual, such as Taobao decoration materials. As long as you are busy, 1 hours can also drill! Because there are a lot of professional collection in the group, 100 dollars to earn $10, $1000 a day of liquidity can earn $100. Here, even if a small business opportunities. However, you can not earn 100 per day, not much to say.

actually sell virtual items really do not know how to make money, do a few months a month for Taobao that five thousand or six thousand dollars, most of them are also selling software to earn money, sold after the addition of guidance, very tired. Now some strong team operation, virtual goods trading is simply go, but every day over 1000 recharge you try, when baby wrote is automatic recharge, you will come and talk for a few minutes.

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