Network marketing promotion into the new direction of e commerce development

2010 China online shopping market 498 billion yuan

leading global consumer market research institutions in Germany GFK (Jie Fukai) group, recently released a survey report on the Chinese 2010 online shopping market, online shopping market China pointed out that last year reached 498 billion yuan, a 96% increase over 2009. Judging from the situation in recent years, the online shopping market almost every year in order to double the rate of growth, it is expected that such a high rate of growth will continue, but taking into account the base is large, in 2011 the domestic online shopping market can increase by about 80%.

related data show that as of December 2010, China’s Internet users reached 457 million, the Internet penetration rate further improved, reaching 34.3%, the size of China’s online shopping users reached 161 million, an annual growth rate of 48.6%. Many traditional production and retail enterprises to enter the online shopping market, making the B2C market is growing fast. And the online shopping population is no longer limited to the previous consumption capacity is relatively weak students, more white-collar workers and the ability to join the backbone of the community. Compared to department store goods, home appliances online shopping commodity concentration is very high, because in addition to price sensitive, Internet users are more concerned about the business credibility, strength, product quality and customer service service, so the current home appliances online shopping market share of 80% is the top 5 industries are divided up. The top 5 Jingdong, mall, Newegg, excellence, dangdang.

China’s e-commerce development prospects

Effect of

driven by the general trend in the global information under the information service industry has become the leading industry in twenty-first Century, directly promoted the emergence and development of e-commerce, e-commerce with the continuous improvement in the economic globalization and accelerate the development of information technology at the same time, China also began the world information technology and information industry structure upgrading the adjustment, which created the conditions for the formation and development of the development of electronic commerce, electronic commerce is a new thing, it is the growth of the national economy, improve the competitiveness of enterprises and countries, and has broad prospects for development.

twenty-first Century China Internet to promote the development of social economy, in the economic sector the Internet to accelerate the penetration of traditional industries, industry boundaries increasingly blend, accelerate the emergence of new business models and service economy, derived from the new format. The Internet in promoting economic restructuring and transforming the pattern of economic development plays an increasingly important role and on all aspects of social life have a profound impact, the e-commerce industry’s contention of a hundred schools of thought All flowers bloom together. Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba has the potential, however, "a situation of tripartite confrontation" with the development of the Internet, the Internet giant pattern environment is still the bottleneck. Such as the point of the site is not clear, the characteristics of a single still allows users to feel the convenience of the information age. Based on this, a holographic integration of the Internet industry in the Internet industry, but because of so many Internet industry is difficult to estimate if, in the development of the e-commerce in the next 10 years, e-commerce search engine and B2B combined with likely generation >

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