8 15 electric war today started the past glories of fear is difficult now

August Jiaoyangsihuo, most parts of the country are affected by heat. The electricity supplier industry, 8.15 electricity supplier war contest is also rapidly warming in recent days. "Financial investment newspaper" the reporter found that, from August 12th onwards, a number of electricity providers including suning.com, Jingdong, Tencent, and Amazon electricity supplier Lasafo China etc, they have carried out large-scale promotional activities, let "8· 15" battle ready. However, in recent years, the electricity supplier has experienced endless bloody war to burn, this electric hot degree may slightly worse than in previous years.

promotion assembly number sounded again

in recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the popularity of the network, online shopping has gradually become a fashion. According to China Internet Network Information Center released this year, 2012 China online shopping market research report shows that in 2012 China’s online shopping market transactions amounted to 12594 billion yuan, an increase of more than 66.5% in 2011. The face of the huge market for online shopping, electricity providers who are regarded as the commanding heights of the market, continue to launch large-scale promotional activities in order to snatch public opinion and market share.

according to the reporter, from the beginning of August, to prepare for the "8· 15 electricity supplier wars, various businesses is the strength. Until now, many electricity providers including Suning Appliance, electricity providers, Jingdong, Tencent lefeng.com and Amazon China etc., have launched promotions, and part of the electricity supplier promotional activities in August 15th before it has begun. Although the electricity supplier war less than the previous war of words, but the promotion efforts are unprecedented.

It is reported that

, as the protagonist of the battle of suning.com, in its 4 anniversary, from August 15th to 19, Suning will be in the online and offline synchronization initiated to return to hundred thousand uncapped based promotions. By supporting the Jingdong, the United States online reporter from the Jingdong also not resigned to playing second fiddle, see the official website, it has quietly hit "Chinese dream domestics strong 8· 15 foreign mobile phone recommended week" promotional pages.

, according to the Jingdong, in order to promote this, Jingdong invested 1 billion yuan worth of coupons to preheat, in August 15th last year, the peak of the day to buy this year extended to 4 days. In addition, the United States online for the promotional activities, also launched a "8.15-8.18 top Raiders", chairman of Gome online Mou also personally involved in the promotion of the old, the large promotional efforts, it There was no parallel in history.

in addition to the Jingdong and Gome online, easy fast network will be during the 15 to 18 days for mobile phone, digital appliances, general merchandise category of merchandise and promotional activities; Amazon Chinese and Le bee network also launched parity activities.

appliance plate or occasion rose

from the performance point of view, it seems that every electricity supplier war, while consumers get affordable prices, many electricity providers have earned pours. But it is not