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in the electronic commerce industry, has been popular in the "light and heavy electronic commerce", that many company executives said that technological innovation is a "big investment" have the order reversed, that is the "burning". After all, can eventually be sold goods, can make money is also the goods". When it comes to "goods", then more is related to the development and management of supply chain, commodity planning, marketing, capital operation, which is an important part of the business, electronic technology has played a minor role.

as China Mobile Research Institute experts, show car network marketing director www.showche.com Zileo Zhuang Shuai but do not agree with this "extreme" mode of operation, that the electronic commerce is electronic for the first, the development of the earliest and rely on the Internet technology, and even can be said to be basing on the development of computer hardware and software development, including broadband technology, voice technology, digital camera technology, construction technology (program), Invoicing software etc.. As a professional automotive supplies vertical B2C website – show car network’s parent company is a famous domestic SEO technology company, once services include ZTE, Ping miles, a number of technology and banking company, company strength of superior technology. In the early use of online CRM management system, in order to deal with the future of the growing commodity management, logistics and distribution and internal daily management problems. From these efforts, technology can achieve higher efficiency in order to achieve higher customer satisfaction and shopping experience.

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including the electronic commerce the originator of Ebay also recently increased the technological innovation and investment. The eBay company’s rough technology can be seen for all to see, many users complain that the search function provided by the site can not be compared with Google. In addition, the network tool for people to communicate with the Facebook site is not easy to use. The company is also the former employees said Voices of discontent., new ideas are often lengthy review process by the killing. Simoner brusaw · · before pasqui left in August last year eBay served as the company’s network designer, he said: "before achieving the goals, you must be able to see all, and to demonstrate the feasibility of its implementation." Kagis acknowledged that the product development cycle should be improved. He said: I have been committed to accelerate the pace of innovation eBay company." (this section is to quote the news)

actually Ebay these problems also in China’s largest e-commerce service platform — Taobao reflected, if not through the stock exchange way to get some Yahoo China technology, these technologies include search technology and PPC technology, so Taobao’s earnings prospects are very worrying. Of course, now in addition to importance of Ebay aware technology, Taobao is the Alibaba or are aware of the importance of technology and began recruiting a large number of technical personnel more technical development of new or old technology transformation, to maximize shopping user experience and more.