United States abandoned third party merchants Jingdong self built logistics reserves why should imp

years ago, heard a black money story, the protagonist of the story is two black farm, have a group of cows, black when sold milk, milk products is good, so he began to sell milk and dairy production side, when selling dairy products found to open a shop. So…… You know what, he began to have a package package plan opened his own farm; two different black, was immersed in sell milk, earn money to buy cows, to buy milk, so the cycle continues to expand their farm.

finally, the black one or a small workshop, black 20% industry tyrants.


story is about to explain the "professional" and "market space", is all the work you’d better don’t embrace, to leave them to eat, so you can develop more remote.


, however, back to modern times, the Internet era, the electricity supplier popular period, the family are engaged in ecological closed loop, what are self-employed, as if this is the fundamental law of success, the world in the end what happened?

the United States arm move: in addition to all of the third party Merchants Bank

cosmetics electricity supplier fakes, no one can not admit that this is its biggest and most difficult to fix the problem, because it contains too many interests.

in the United States as an example, last year "below 25% off is a luxury" again with jumei.com’s fake storm, as early as in 2013, there is a "fake jumei.com ratio as high as 90%", whether the electricity supplier chaos reached this level, we are not yet known, but whether it is live or rumors have brought honor losses and gains huge losses for the United States, and Chen Ou decisively made a bold decision: bucket out third party merchants, all self.

for the electronic business platform, which is tantamount to a big profit point lost, but also to increase their logistics costs, in short, a word: not worthwhile. But in order to fame, Chen Ou is to do so, in a wide platform and between the platform, Chen Ou obviously go is special route.

and the source of all this is actually fake problem.

Jingdong billions of logistics construction and Ali rookie logistics

Jingdong logistics ranking is definitely one of the best in the industry, some people say it’s logistics first, recently there are "Suning logistics" is actually a better argument, but in any case, the Jingdong’s "day" and "next day" service already deeply rooted.

behind the logistics capability of such a large, natural hidden huge investment of billions of logistics is not true, but he built a warehouse, the hire purchase of land, construction, self built logistics system all over the world really deep to win customers favor.

In addition to

, Dangdang self and Ali rookie logistics also follow a principle: the platform for the ecological closed loop