The battle of KEA will also cut the hand of national on line business business in Russia

September 23rd news, according to the business man reported that, in order to further expand the market, the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA plans to launch electricity supplier business in Moscow, did not disclose the specific time.

days ago, IKEA is negotiating with Russia logistics distribution services company SPSR Express and PickPoint cooperation. PickPoint CEO Nadezhda Romanova said: "in order to be able to provide consumers with more rapid delivery service, the company will provide 422 packages for IKEA terminal network, consumers use parcel terminal network can get wrapped in a minute."


IKEA Russian store

IKEA in order to adapt to the unique environment of the Russian market, but also for long-term research and preparation. In 2013 the pilot of the first online supermarket in Omsk City, after the pilot added to Wahl Tuofusike, Khanty mansiysk, Tyumen. 2015 in Siberia and the Far East pilot online business.

is reported that IKEA Russia’s plan is to build a fusion of multi-channel sales strategy to meet the different needs of consumers. At this stage in Moscow Esipova region to build a 180 thousand cubic meters of storage center, the project will invest 6 billion rubles (about $600 million), plans to put into use in 2018.

billion state power network learned Russian first IKEA store opened in 2000, but in the early 90s, IKEA has opened offices in Russia, and then sold to foreign procurement of local products. At present, IKEA has a total of four factories in Leningrad, Novgorod, Moscow and st.. The $50 million plant under construction will open in 2017, along with the Novgorod area in the year of fifth.

early last year, IKEA confirmed that before 2020 will be about 2 billion euros to invest in Russia, for the creation of new large furniture shopping malls or expansion of existing stores. IKEA currently has 14 stores in Russia, the fifteenth stores will be opened in Mitishchi, near Moscow in 2018.

despite the sharp depreciation of the Russian ruble, weak consumer demand, but compared with other western manufacturers in Russia, IKEA’s situation is much better. Statistics show that in fiscal year 2015 (as of August 31st) IKEA sales in Russia increased by 14.7%.

earlier this month, IKEA China online mall officially launched, at present, IKEA has launched the business in 13 overseas countries.

earlier, IKEA announced fiscal year 2016 (September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016) part of the earnings. Reported that IKEA’s 2016 fiscal year total sales of $34 billion 200 million, an increase of more than last year, sales of comparable stores > 7.1%