GrubMarket to create online organic fresh market

, like the Chinese people, the American people also value healthy food. Pay attention to the quality of life of the people will go to the sale of organic food supermarket chain Whole Foods, with relatively high price to buy the rest assured that the health food without hormone.

every Sunday morning, there will be Market in Silicon Valley’s major cities in the city of Farmer’s Market (Farmers), the surrounding area of organic farmers will bring their own products to market sales. Although these organic agricultural products price slightly higher than the ordinary supermarket, but also less expensive than the price of Whole Foods, attracted by the surrounding area residents to come to the fair.


startup GrubMarket goal is to create a Farmer’s Market online, creating an online trading platform to attract fresh organic food, organic farmers who stay on Farmer’s Market, with attractive prices to provide fresh food quality safety to consumers in the Silicon Valley area.

GrubMarket founder Xu Minyi (Mike Xu) has worked in Oracle, eBay and other well-known Silicon Valley for many years, leaving last year began to set up this online fresh B2C platform. In February this year, GrubMarket website formally launched. Now the site of the sale of goods, including fruits, vegetables, seafood, cakes, honey and other agricultural and sideline products.

, according to him, the current online site for more than half a year, the total sales reached $150 thousand. GrubMarket has attracted more than and 190 merchants settled on the line more than 1700 goods, almost every commodity has 20 different options. In terms of user data, GrubMarket currently has about more than 7 thousand registered users, monthly visits in about 14 thousand. The average consumption per user per order is $70, the average user shopping frequency is once a week.

and other fresh electronic business platform is different, GrubMarket biggest feature is that they do not set up storage. Xu Minyi said that the main reason for failure is had a lot of fresh electricity consumption of heavily built warehouse, some of them get a huge investment in start-up companies, so GrubMarket only organic fresh platform, and build the warehouse.

users in the online order after signing GrubMarket farmers began to prepare, they open their own car, Xu Minyi from farmers to fresh products delivered to the hands of users. GrubMarket charge 15% commission. After 6 months on the line GrubMarket hired only the driver of the three.

order to average flow receipt is usually two days or so, some of the seasonal products delivery time should be adjusted according to the production situation of farmers. Delivery time every day from 10 in the morning to the evening of 9, to take care of those who have no time to go shopping to buy food.

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