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electronic commerce has greatly accelerated the dream bazaar of supply chain management. Wu Weihong photo

editor’s note to the surging business era, a number of traditional manufacturing enterprises, seize the opportunity, take advantage of the sense of smell. These manufacturing enterprises not only become Guangdong. Development of electronic commerce, it is a strong industrial base in Guangdong the development of electronic commerce. Today, the Nanfang Daily will launch a series of reports on "Guangdong enterprise net story", a group of mining industry, the traditional enterprise e-commerce applications to explore consumer market work experience and practice mode within the province, please note.


Guangdong enterprises net story

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format to see Guangdong circulation industry transformation and upgrading

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dream bazaar originally only the Pearl River Delta an ordinary clothing enterprises. A few years ago the dream bazaar net, 40% gross margin, the profit level is higher than that of garment enterprises, than the general electronic commerce enterprise’s profit ability, so that ordinary enterprises become remarkable chemical reaction in garment enterprise + electronic business platform is generated 1+1> 2.

will be a traditional garment industry chain to move online will produce what kind of wonderful dream bazaar is given the answer?.

captured the online sales channels, pushing their own brand, adopt OEM and ODM mode of cooperation, is committed to both ends of the smile curve of product design and brand management, the massive data mining of gold to achieve personalized marketing, a complete business apparel industry chain crafted by the dream bazaar.

last year’s dream bazaar is the B2C online retail list fourteenth.

traditional clothing enterprise net

"style, price, purchase and convenient, very suitable for us to work." "It’s cheap, but it’s really nice." Upper body is very good, worth the price!"…… In the dream bazaar on the site to buy the comments, this evaluation can be seen everywhere.

dream bazaar is targeting urban young women, choice of clothing on fashion and style, but the price is more sensitive, they will want to buy clothes, to stroll around the dream bazaar, often surprises: Dream bazaar style, new style, high price.

The effect of high cost and industry

subject to offline sales channels of high inventory, a traditional clothing brand to achieve this effect is extremely difficult, but the Internet makes it all easy to achieve the dream bazaar.

enough style became the female consumers favorite reason, dream bazaar in the product design into a huge. "Design and development team we have more than and 300 people, accounted for 20% of all the staff, said the design team dream bazaar, President Li Shudong is not without pride. He told the Nanfang Daily reporter, this scale is rare in the country, the domestic garment enterprises designers >