The first unit of the first home appliance nternet successfully landed three new board

in December 6, 2016, the puppy appliance Internet technology (Beijing) Limited by Share Ltd (referred to as: Puppy appliances) in the National SME share transfer system officially listed. Dog successfully landed three new board, marking the official birth of the first domestic Internet appliance.

Since its inception, the dog has been focused on the appliance appliance market segments of the vertical

, focusing on R & D, sales of high-end products to meet the needs of Chinese users to clean high-end products. At the same time, the use of the dog to consider the use of the Internet to create the ultimate experience of products and services, always meet the user’s expectations or even exceed the expected demand for the target. Today, the Internet appliance has become one of the hottest topic in the industry, thanks to the advent of the era of industry segments, it is "Internet plus sub industry" the tide of continuous surging, let the puppy appliances seize the opportunity, become the Internet appliance industry continuous innovation breakthrough active promoter and leader.

from the initial transition line after the "blockbuster", to become the Internet appliance brands, to become the new board, the puppy appliances to its proud record completed a magnificent turn. According to the puppy electric prior to the three new board submitted "public transfer instructions", from the two aspects of the share of retail sales and retail sales share, 2013 -2015, the puppy appliances for three consecutive years in the field of cleaner online market share in the first row.

in fact, since the Internet is open, the strategic positioning of the puppy electric "Internet brand" has become increasingly clear, Taobao and Tmall have settled through the mall, Jingdong,, mall, Gome online, Amazon,, shop No. 1 and other major domestic e-commerce platform, and cross-border electricity supplier platform, Jingdong Alibaba group mall cross-border electronic business platform, and gradually complete the full network coverage of sales channels. Data show that from the beginning of 2010, the puppy appliances has been for 6 consecutive years to occupy the whole network cleaner category sales in the first place. The product or service, service experience, in the dog electronics founder Tan Chong view, these 10 words contains all the secrets of Successful Puppy appliances.

Internet companies and traditional enterprises and the relationship between the user is the biggest difference is that traditional companies are often ‘induced users’, and Internet companies are’ let users take the initiative to fall in love with you’. Over the years, the puppy in the transformation of marketing ideas constantly, every aspect of the user’s contact with the service from the service, the service runs through every pore in the brand building, to create the ultimate experience for users." Tan Chong says.

can be said that behind the success of today’s listing, the dog is the focus of many years of accumulation of brand strength. The company with product design and service core lead (love based, net, information), and years of beautiful performance, catch the new year in 2017, ten days ago, achieve the goals listed on the new board. The dog said that one of the Chinese as three new board capital market hot, the future will continue to deduce the concept of "Chinese NASDAQ", and at the capital gate after the puppy appliances, although the attack "