Alipay disguised payment of interest in what would be the impact on the financial system

since the Alibaba determined for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide loan guarantees, the industry agreed that Ali will enter the financial system sooner or later, although Ali team was secretive, but Ma has gave away the secret, if the bank does not change the existing financial system, so you have to lay into force them to change, now this looks really Ma layman. Experts also than expert Ali has a comprehensive layout of the financial system, Alipay has now become an important piece, retreat into the attack, it’s no wonder that Ma Ming zhe Ping An insurance that the future of the financial competition has come from the new financial system, Ali is obviously the most formidable competitor.

then Alipay after the opening balance of treasure will produce what kind of influence to the entire financial system? Want to know if the balance of value-added potential soon, the balance may not be the balance, but it is an important tool for storage preservation, and the current balance of the treasure for no fee, it will attract a lot of user. The most direct effect is some fashion users may put on the bank storage money and storage to Alipay, then the next line entity bank will face the dilemma of the depletion of funds, if the outbreak of centralized withdrawals for banking system is now weak, even can have a devastating blow. Some experts are not worried about the expression.

Behind the

Alipay curve to pay interest on financial fight


is the payment instrument or financial system, often lies in a nidea, if Alipay launched the balance of interest payment plan, then Alipay will obviously become a banking system, but if Alipay allows users to use Alipay through the purchase fund to get the appreciation, then from the bones is still a means of payment, but this payment the tool is endowed with different connotations, because this tool also allows users to pay the balance of appreciation, and other payment instruments can only help the user consumption, it will produce a stimulating effect is obvious to the user.

Alipay Taobao

with the development of electronic commerce, has accumulated a huge amount of capital stock, the huge amount of Alipay produced a huge financial effects can not be underestimated, if on the basis of this, to achieve value-added investment, obviously the bank entity line and even a variety of securities and financial institutions will have an impact, Alipay the cooperation fund is the annual yield of outperforming the one-year interest income, of course, the income of the fund can not profit 100%, but relatively stable on the whole of the Alipay cooperation fund is, the investment value, ability has not reached the other financial products, but this does not exclude Alipay’s support buy fund projects and cooperation fund selection, which will bring significant influence of all kinds of financial institutions.

other payment system

.When Alipay launched

online balance value plan, other similar payment instruments do not react, at least Tencent caifutong payment system and the pig remains.