What are the advantages and disadvantages of e commerce compared with traditional business

is now the market has shrunk, traditional business e-commerce tide impact, compared with the traditional e-commerce business, what are the advantages and disadvantages of


electronic commerce has the following advantages:

1, geographical, temporal and spatial advantages

traditional business fixed location, fixed time sales; e-commerce to shop as the fundamental online sales, breaking the limitations of time and space, ready to order. No geographical barriers, to a greater extent to meet the various needs of consumers; at the same time also truly shopping without borders, you can do business in any corner of the world, no regional restrictions, a community can only operate in Beijing before, and now you can have any region can share.

2, cost saving

The traditional

business is established in the capital on the basis of need, shop rent, decoration costs, personnel, facilities, warehouses and other various types of funds to supply; and the development of electronic commerce is not so much physical and financial, and cost reduction can be more profit transfer to the user, at the same time also formed a price advantage compared with the line

3, reduce intermediate links

The traditional

e-commerce development, sales agents and dealers may need to go through multiple links, not to be able to quickly and directly face customers; and the electronic commerce is breaking the long-standing situation, so that manufacturers can be directly to consumers, reduce the number of intermediate links, but also reduce the intermediate transaction costs, enhance the profit space.

4, expand sales channels

compared with traditional business, e-commerce sales channels increased significantly. Can be stationed in Tmall, Jingdong and other platforms, through the third party service provider mall system to open an independent shop, you can carry out network distribution, consignment…… Channel mode diversification, more substantial sales. This can refer to several major network marketing channel system".

5, easy to manage

traditional business management is complicated, financial data, and inventory information is not perfect, often wrong, and time-consuming; but in terms of e-commerce, now is the era of information, whether it is their own business or shop owned by agents, distributors, all kinds of data through the network can be clearly presented, management, settlement, access to all very convenient, fast and clear.

6, close communication

in traditional commerce, users of the product views and opinions are generally only feedback to the end retailers; and e-commerce era is different, the network accelerates we close communication and users, users can directly inform the perception of first-line manufacturers, manufacturers also can understand the voice of the user, to improve; and through business can also be user research, we can not understand the needs of users, access to users and the market.

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