Ma Robin Li three big talk about the dream and the reality of the distance between the big

10 years ago, you think yourself now to live? If there is a plan after 10 years of life will be like? I just have a general plan, and now, you can


IT leaders summit held in Shenzhen, in the interactive session, the host of the three guests raised questions about dreams and reality. As the country’s three largest electricity supplier representatives: Ma Yun, Robin Li, respectively, to tell their own dreams and reality of the understanding of the.

Mr Robin Li’s answer to this question is "career dreams are greater than life dreams". 10 years ago, Robin Li just want to do this brand of Baidu, is more focused on the promotion of the brand, and the company began to go on a little formal, more responsibility to anti up as the founder, listed companies in the enterprise, to assume the position of CEO, and in the efforts of the company to better consider the development direction. Until now, when Baidu became the Internet, Robin Li still feel, in the dull life of leisure and luxury, the reality still need their reign, and for the understanding of dreams is to find a job for its successor, to enjoy life. This is what we often say".

Mr. Ma Yun’s understanding of the dream, in fact, many times in his speech has also been mentioned in the speech, Ma Yun himself for the encouragement of young people, but also to comply with the "dream" and set off on. Of course, for everyone to admire his achievements, he humbly attributed it to the "thanksgiving" "awe" of the heart. As for ignoring the scenery along the road, Ma also feel that they do not regret, life is always a choice, and the dream is to adhere to the driving force.

Ma Huateng’s dream of saying more official, Ma Huateng felt that his dream is to let everyone through information to improve their quality of life. For employees, the sense of participation is the greatest happiness". With the continuous growth of new media, and now there are more and more Tencent pressure, although the official, but it is also insisted that the original dream, but also spent a relatively dark and confused days.

and where is your dream, the reality is always cruel enough to let people have nothing to do, do you still remember your dream?

is now the domestic e-commerce ancillary services can not keep up the pace of development, it is to let the market in the future planning is not predictable, the emergence of large and small business enterprise, who do not know who will be the next wave of economic wave of shot dead on the beach.

all electric dreams are early and resplendent with variegated coloration to face the cruel reality, we should, how to maintain the persistence and hard work? Maybe, this is worth us all thinking, not blind expansion of the site to finally pick up the pieces. Reproduced retention source: Post=984