8 yuan domain name to make it possible to invest in civilian domain

  the beginning of the new year, CN domain name registrar of the full range of price increases so that the CN domain name of the number of people who are somewhat hesitant, making their investment behavior becomes cautious, but also makes the domain name investment novice feel unable to start.

      in order to quickly activate the 2007 CN domain name registration and the trading market, the domestic professional domain name transaction service provider name Chinese generous played in the first trump card, from February 12th to February 25th, in the company’s new CN domain name registration as long as 8 yuan. This is the domain name investment the majority of beginners, reducing the threshold.

      renamed China (www.ename.cn) by ICANN and CNNIC certified top-level domain registrar, is also the first to provide the whole service system of domain name registration authority, the person in charge of calculations to reporters: a domain name before even the cheapest, to 40 yuan, if you want to do a lot of investment need a little money now, during the event, as long as 8 yuan, the previous price can register 5, obviously reduced the rate of recovery of funds and capital threshold.

      China renamed according to insiders, in addition to the "Chinese large profit to provide low-cost CN domain name registration, brought good news to the vast number of unexpected trading CN domain name investors expect, this time for the members to participate in the activities of the people, can obtain ename certification of the first gold medal in domain name investors, to enjoy sharing domain parking return, expert evaluation and Trading Consulting enjoy trading in style in English Chinese domain and domain name platform to show professional services.