Analysis of the user comments module of e commerce website

A few days ago in

Robin club to design electricity supplier product reviews, the feeling that the record is not fun, blog here.

before the start of the product analysis and comparison, we look at the current impact on the product page comments more large two product form,

is an ancestor of information interaction: BBS, forum. We have the habit of reading information and identify the essence in a layer of floor, the landlord for expression of the review and to express their views, the following people to be part of the previous information as original content, so it has been more of a building floor later decided to comment on the interaction.

is a Taobao, a long time, we can see that a lot of sellers to Taobao user reviews screenshots posted to the prominent position, even a PS, also want to stick. At first glance, all the praise of the goods, all of the recognition of goods. There is no denying that the more such a commodity, in Taobao or sell better.

and then we look at the foreign B2C website to deal with product reviews.

1, commodity detail page, short, pithy, fix a page.

foreign commodity pages, streamlined information, parameters are displayed on a page.

2, comments on the weight of

whether Amazon’s 13 (5+7) comments, or Zappos’s 17 comments, are sufficient to explain the importance of comments on the electricity supplier and the attention of the review.

3, focusing on the domestic Jingdong

has been paying attention to the changes in the details of the Jingdong in the product reviews, I believe in the Jingdong, the review and display of goods, the operation of the review, is also an important project. It is said that the Jingdong has more than and 100 operations team, I think they should have a KPI part is the number of comments (personal guestimate Kazakhstan)

1, analysis structure

let’s look at the structure of Jingdong’s product reviews. For example, this commodity.

a, the number of commodity attribute area display

in the design of the product page, I have always insisted on a point of view: B2C site to precipitate their value, the value of precipitation to buy the user. The value of this detail, it goes without saying that the number of clicks is the absolute first click on this page position.

B, commodity evaluation

The basic elements of

product reviews,

1, praise rate.

2, the level of three comments. (good and bad)

3, user element. (rank, name, area)

4, interactive elements (useful, useless),

and tab layered display, and encourage integration (to be done later) "