VANCL style spoof red burst or push hands

was just selling Eslite clothing accessories website, but the celebrity endorsements in advertising but accidentally become the object imitated even spoof users. Nowadays, imitation website advertising style produced "VANCL VANCL style" works by micro-blog, "and QQ on the Internet fast fashion, let in the limelight between VANCL become a classic example of a website, the first domestic Internet marketing.

"object" original is Han Han

July, writer Han Han, actor Wang Luodan as the online clothing store "VANCL" spokesperson. Subsequently, the image of advertising in many cities appear on the bus and the internet.

is now the popular "VANCL style" from Han Han’s slogan: love network, love freedom, love night, love food stalls at night, love also love the car, 29 pieces of T-SHIRT, I am not what the standard bearer, not who’s endorsement, I am Han Han, I represent my own.

"object" spoof all celebrities

Internet is doomed unwilling to remain out of the limelight arena.

soon, the "love love love love ___ ___, ___ ___, love (price) of (goods), I am __" mode of advertising will soon be friends for the lyrics. And this style was immediately known as "where the object".

since the end of July, a "universal liberties where" activities start. "VANCL style" to all-powerful potential burst of red network, hold a new upsurge of PS, become a new star friends laugh "weapon". In recent years, in the figures have become in the teeth of the storm "VANCL style" advertising protagonist was molested include Zhao Benshan, Huang Xiaoming, Tang Jun, Xiao Shenyang, Edison Chan, Sun Wukong, Tang, and even the pirates flew, Dora A dream art figures, even zombies, a grey wolf did not let go the latest is of course Guo Degang.

"object" income Baidu Encyclopedia

, according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 2 thousand "VANCL style" pictures in micro-blog, happy net, QQ group and various forums crazy reproduced, Huang Xiaoming, Tang Jun and Zimo Zeng thousands of stars or Spoof or being sought. In addition, there are a lot of friends and individuals who are interested in the production of "where the object".

after a frenzied speculation and dissemination, Baidu encyclopedia, where the object has also been included as a proprietary vocabulary.

"object" popular or push hands

obviously, "VANCL style" of the epidemic, the parties Eslite site publicity nature plays an important role. Live in Yuzhong District shangqingsi Liu Dan because the network popular "VANCL style" for the first time to contact the Eslite website, and bought a shirt on it.

evolved from "VANCL style" version where the customer who is copycat advertisement creation to initiate and promote, netizens suspected Eric Cheng "