Use Twitter to upgrade your e commerce products

in foreign Twitter is a major untapped e-commerce business promotion channels. So at home? Perhaps we should look at those who have not yet mature domestic social networking sites, of course, this is just a reminder in this article and share abroad should be how to use the Twitter e-commerce to improve product sales.

1, providing exclusive discount information

computer maker DELL for the Twitter business arena, a few years ago, DELL through the Twitter channel exports to other countries, Twitter offers exclusive offers and refurbished merchandise inventory notice. This special account setting provides only special offers, so you rarely see, and some are only in the consumer and the company’s own interaction. However, DELL offers a separate Twitter account – @ ChrisCBAtDel – for asking questions or comments.

DELL’s success in selling to a few smaller e-commerce businesses is inspired by the need to create a Twitter account for special offers, discounts and offers. This will appeal to those who are interested in your products, and even promote your products.

2, call your tweets action

whether you are provided by the exclusive Twitter account products, or through your tweets mobile phone, if someone on specific products of interest, then he or she will probably be a single link, find your product, so set a little tip on the page is necessary.

3, the integration of Twitter social sharing button

this is a simple and effective way to expand beyond website providing products related to the topic, when using this button, it costs you spent and the execution time is equal, you can even say that is far less than the cost of execution. Twitter offers four options: sharing, tracking, including hashtag, first, "sharing" is a button you want to set up easily, just a few minutes. Then, it is a HTML code to copy and paste into your site.

4, collection content

people use Twitter as an information network, rather than a community. If you provide the content of the consumer can arouse the interest of many users, your tweets will give due attention. Twitter accounts will be assigned special special offers and offers, including any type of content, to attract attention, such as interesting blog posts, videos or Facebook updates link. Unlike other promotional channels, Twitter did not have to be strictly related to the business to discuss, on the contrary, some witty or user is interested in the topic, will give you a lot of followers, "