Huang Jiashun buy hot behind the service needs to be tight

with the rapid development of the Internet, the competition between the industry and the increasingly fierce. How to stand out in this battlefield without smoke, to create the industry’s top brands become the ultimate goal of the industry. Today we will talk about "buy"". This originated from the other side of the GROUPON group purchase mode, with seemingly simple business logic and successful reproduction, make blossom everywhere in the global scope. China is no exception.

in order to better understand the group, do buy data collection and promotion, I deliberately checked the situation of the development of China’s online group buying market. "Investigation report" in 2010 Chinese network group purchase display, as of the end of August, the shape of the group purchase website has more than 1000. A large number of group purchase website, that this form of trading network group purchase was recognized by the public, and in 2011, the group purchase website is to consolidate their position group purchase group purchase, so the next 1-2 years will not go out, also gave the group purchase navigation between a chance to compete at present according to the Baidu search out group purchase navigation included a total of 3430000. See the intensity of competition is not the same.


has now become a new way of shopping group purchase each netizen to understand, from the perspective of product transaction is successful, affordable, diversified product categories are main factors of group purchase buyers valued; and quickly promote products trading, improve product visibility and influence become sellers love sales model, so a wish buy one willing to sell has become favorable conditions for group purchase now hyperpyrexia. However, with the group purchase website is more and more, many products are unable to provide users a complete customer service service, so many Internet users to the group purchase condemning, not satisfied with the service types of group purchase personal photo and KTV singing service attitude is regarded as "two citizens" view, the mission to eat eat not enough etc.. The data of 2010 "China network group purchase survey report" shows that as of the end of August, the shape of the group purchase website has more than 1000. A large number of buy site, reputation and uneven quality of service, coupled with industry regulation is not perfect, consumers often find it difficult to solve the problem of service disputes. From this point can reflect the hot behind the group, in fact, is not completely keep up with the quality of service. The group purchase website but it is undeniable that the dragons and fishes jumbled together, there is a part of the site is trustworthy, like the U.S. group, handle, the group purchase website is Groupon reference.

another way is to buy through the selection of reliable buy navigation site, such as 360 buy navigation, mission 800, buy navigation, etc.. General buy navigation is the integration of domestic well-known group buying site, to provide users with a good reputation, high level of service to buy the site to provide group service, so that the Internet users to buy a happy, comfortable to buy. Generally buy navigation for users of Internet users have been a number of optimization, to give users a higher buy service. I think Internet users can start from this point